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Beijing government blocked the introduction of the new policy affect consumer
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As follows: 摇号 treatment programs receiving block! Major 4S stores in Beijing Beijing Shi Shangwei at 18 sites established by filing the order, has the record of vehicles blocking the impact of governance is not restricted license, Dec. 24 -1 26 摇号 4S stores will only be done during the Orthogonal orders, can not sell cars. High-car field conditions: the field must provide a 5-year car tax certificate on the card only qualification Yaohao. Limited number of buy a new car: put license in 2011 240,000 new cars per month 20,000, accounting for 10% of the enterprises, private car 摇号 1 month, two months 摇号 a company car, shaking license plate number valid for one year, shaking the plate valid for one year. Licensing requirements only on the first 摇号. Buy used cars: the same with the new car, first 摇号, purchase only after obtaining the license plate. Sell Used Car: The original plate can be retained, a new car within a year is not enough, the original license plate be canceled. This large number of terms, resulting in the procurement of second-hand car market panic. The hearts of businesses and consumers are off the mark. Businesses increased prices, and consumers are hungry to buy used cars. Especially the 10 million cars within the reach of the looting is the point. According to business reflects the situation from the looting that began early in December until the 23 December. 2 sets of basic car dealers every day around the vehicle. But the acquisition of vehicles encountered great difficulties, many consumers are reluctant to sell cars in Beijing but to the policy came to power years later, and then sell high.
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