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Identification of second-hand car appraisers: Landscape conceal his embarrassm
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Identification of second-hand car used car appraiser is identification of the technical conditions and to assess the pricing of the new jobs, as China entered the era change, this new career is quietly popular. Journalists in the survey found that the profession in "beautiful", but also there are many problems in urgent need of specification. "Money scene" attractive Five years ago, Mr. Zhang turned to achieve a magnificent career, a web programmer from the appraisal and evaluation division into a used car. Optimistic about the prospects for the development of second-hand car industry is the reason he decided: "A few years will certainly be the peak consumption of new vehicles coming into the peak consumption of used cars, used cars appraisal and evaluation of the demand for teachers will be very big." Cheung is to provide advice to private buyers, identification and assessment services, each charge of one thousand dollars, the average monthly income in the million more, according to him, in the industry it belongs to the middle class. Bright prospects and higher incomes for teacher training, appraisal and evaluation of second-hand car hot. Shandong Jiaotong University news from the identification of second-hand car appraiser training department learned that the hospital-sponsored training course of appraisal and evaluation of second-hand car is very hot, from 2006 to the present, organized fourteen, used car appraisal and evaluation of training more than 800 teachers and every day people come to consult. Used car lot of avenues of employment, appraisal and evaluation division, third-party appraisal and evaluation agencies, car brokers, 4S stores, auction houses and other institutions are needed, but current capacity can not meet market demand. "Identification of Shandong Province, used car appraiser no more than 2,500 people, including senior appraiser identified about 300 people, there is still no small gap." Shandong delivery vehicle appraisal and evaluation of the old hospital limited liability company, senior appraiser identified in paragraph Wing Quan told reporters. Awkward Oct. 31, reporters at the mouth of the old motor vehicle market Lok met Mr. Zhao are buying used cars. Mr. Zhao is a novice, this one has deliberately recruited a friend of many years of driving experience, when asked why not ask a used car when the appraisal and evaluation division, Mr. Zhao said he does not know the profession, while this do not trust a professional, "who knows not and selling cars in the 'collusion'? Or Friends reliable." "" Used cars in circulation management approach "private used car trade appraisal and evaluation must be based on both the principle of voluntary, not mandatory requirements of appraisal and evaluation, which makes the identification of private sector assessment of second-hand car trade is greatly reduced." Rong Quan told reporters that paragraph, the current Only state-owned assets to prevent second-hand cars will involve the loss of state assets are required to force the appraisal and evaluation, accounting for the bulk of second-hand car sales private transaction in order to avoid taxes and many were reluctant to carry out appraisal and evaluation, resulting in many third-party appraisal and evaluation of effectiveness of the company not good, "Although our company can benefit, but the main is the unit customers, individual customers little." In the second-hand car trading, brokerage firm dominant, and they do not want to take it to his car appraisal and evaluation. Worked for the China second-hand car (Jinan) vehicle in the test center Mr. Shi told reporters that a considerable portion of the current used car market, there are various problems, so brokers do not want to do testing, "Their attitude is, most used car is this situation, the price is right does not, do not buy to buy. "The test center is just the vehicle inspection business, work at full capacity every day to detect four cars, but only one car per day to detect," business and not very good. " Currently, the used car there is no uniform standard appraisal and evaluation, teacher appraisal and evaluation entirely on personal experience, different appraisers appraisal and evaluation of the results of the same car can vary greatly, which also affected the confidence of consumers appraiser. In addition, a considerable part of the identification of second-hand car market, appraisers are not first-line, they can hardly evaluate the price guide on the market, "Some of the 4S shop teacher appraisal and evaluation of second-hand car or even to call in the recovery of car used car market advice The brokerage firm. "Shih told reporters. Should be standardized Teacher appraisal and evaluation of second-hand car can not function effectively and has a close relationship is not standardized, industry believes that, to get used car appraisal used car appraiser really play a key role in the transaction, we must strengthen the management of the profession. "First of all make up the existing management team." Rong Quan told reporters that section, used car appraisal and evaluation division of the department through some changes, at present there is a gap in the management of, and he calls for the authorities to the work done quickly, This is very important for the promotion of development of the industry. Duan Rong Quan also pointed out that identification of the current used car appraiser reporting threshold is very low, leading the team of professional quality is not high, uneven level of training, follow-up after the lack of continuing education, "teacher appraisal and evaluation of second-hand car buyers and sellers the interests of the preservation of state assets and the healthy operation of second-hand car market has great influence, should be referred to a higher height, took the test conditions, exam quality, continuing education, have higher levels. " "It must make a clear identification of evaluation criteria." According to Mr. Shi, the current laws and regulations identified in the assessment of the criteria used car only a vague provision, the lack of maneuverability, which has restricted the development of second-hand car industry, the bottleneck of appraisal and evaluation "Although our company has possessed the qualifications to carry out assessment of the business, but the identification of specific evaluation criteria will not be involved in assessments before the introduction of the business."
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