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Able to bounce back control of the floating population control second-hand car
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Caller: Miss Treasure Call Contents: Queensland Road, Golden Green Village, Qingpu District bounce phenomenon of individual foreign officials have hoped that relevant departments of the floating population family planning management and education. Accepted by: Zhang Jialin Treatment records: Qingpu District Population and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance, that he would take active measures to control the flow of unplanned population growth phenomenon. Community First organization coordinators and floor leader to do the daily mission; the second is to do periodic information collection and analysis; Third, co-ordination of social forces, to carry out regular inspection of law enforcement organizations, and public education. Call Person: Mr. Liu Call Contents: Qibao Town, Minhang Road, New Town, near the junction of agricultural, there is always more than 10 vehicles affixed with a "This car Transferable" indiscriminate parking of motor vehicles, so that the original road congestion worse. Accepted by: Zhang Jialin Treatment records: Minhang Branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the new town police station immediately on the above road section traffic police detachment of special treatment, while the intersection of specialized services for used cars for sale this shop door, asking them to conduct business as much as possible to avoid the rush hours . Illegal parking and the phenomenon of the road has been significantly improved.
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