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Used car sales as demand on hot Certified Appraiser
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With the rapid development of China's auto market, while in the car all the way to selling second-hand car market is also usher in a new stage of development. This reporter recently found that in the used car sales, accompanied by hot, second-hand car with appraisers and Notes List brokers became popular commodity in the market. It is understood, used car appraisal used car appraisers no longer limited to property transactions, now has extended to second-hand car tax, insurance, mortgage, pledge, forensic and other non-property rights. This shows that the used car appraiser Strong market demand for power. At the same time, the relevant state ministries and commissions also provided to improve the identification of vehicles and traders assessed the quality, uniform standards of professional appraisal valuation, to regulate their conduct of operations, motor vehicle brokers will be used Member of staff appraisal valuation appraisal of vocational skills. To this end, second-hand car trading industry association in Hubei Province rapid introduction of second-hand car with appraisers and registered broker training into the campus, students learn more convenient, while those who pass can successfully embark on jobs. At present, The course is of Wuhan Polytechnic lecture, the effect is highly recognized by the participants.
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