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BMW Premium Selection Used Car Day opened in Beijing
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October 22, "BMW Premium Selection used cars at the" Beijing Chaoyang District in Beijing leg of the West Plaza Solana grand curtain opened. The event organized by the China BMW, BMW authorized dealers responsible for implementation. 3-day activity In 20 different features of the BMW lineup of cars formed a sparkling, including BMW3 Department, BMW5 Department, BMW7 Z4 and other sections of the model system and collective appearance for the BMW brand many supporters, advocating pure driving pleasure of the audience Kam Tour selection, close taste of the charm of classic cars BMW. Among these, the Beijing Yan Bao is 7 to bring as many as the classic models. BMW Premium Selection vehicle is BMW Group launched the global harmonization of used car certification program. Beijing Yan Bao allowed to operate as the first "Premium Selection used cars," the authorized dealer in order to improve the used car certification and service system as Support, to provide a comprehensive used car purchase, repurchase, loan and after-sales service, second-hand car market in Beijing has set new service benchmarks. All meet the requirements of the BMW Premium Selection used cars, have been up to Po Yan 100 technical and safety testing to ensure compliance with global quality standards for BMW. BMW Premium Selection of each one has a comprehensive used car vehicle repair and maintenance of transparent information. BMW Premium Selection vehicle purchase customers enjoy the same BMW and more Items of high quality and professional service commitments, including: 12 months or 20,000 km used car warranty, BMW Roadside Assistance provided by the customer replacement of existing vehicles BMW Premium Selection vehicle service, test drive and so on. "Premium Selection Used Car Day" is the BMW series of activities held regularly in China, since its inception in 2007 held annually. The three-day event, the Beijing Railway Station is the largest previous one. For the successful organization of this " Premium Selection Used Car Day ", the Beijing Yan Bao a lot of preparation work on the activities carried out careful planning session. Activities at the scene all reflect the BMW brand of high quality, high performance, respected service, communicate with BMW of Wyatt idea, wonderful promotion and display so that every customer has respect Xuan BMW used car business has become more comprehensive, more in-depth understanding. Beijing Yan Baoan row of the BMW product manager, consultant and used cars to provide professional , Detailed vehicle description, and answer customer choice on the respect of loans used cars, service and other questions. In the three-day event, in addition to live demonstrations, the Yan Bao also arranged a folk music performances, calligraphy exhibition , Chess game, the puzzle games and other rich interaction and entertainment for the "Premium Selection used cars day" adds a strong arts and culture. Beijing Yan Bao Auto, General Manager Mr. Yang Shihui, said: "BMW in any detail the quality prevail. BMW used car only after only after a series of rigorous screening among the" BMW Premium Selection used cars "in the ranks. If a used BMW car BMW professional technicians passed rigorous technical testing and preparation, it means that it has a global quality level of BMW, the driver can bring a unique BMW driving pleasure. At the same , Beijing Yan Bao Premium Selection used cars will provide a detailed vehicle information, comprehensive technical support, and thoughtful service, allowing customers to rest assured that not only can buy second-hand car, but also enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of people Of service. "
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