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Quzhou purchase new vehicles to be queued before the Spring Festival, "old age"
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Near the end of the year, month, purchase a new car need to row the team. Have put a lot of anxious buyers sights used car. However, many of

them do not want long-term use second-hand car, just want to transition to a second-hand cars to use

Practice your hand. Inexpensive "old age" used car has become their first choice.

Mr. Chiang urban landscape is one of them. His driver's license test out pretty soon, wanted to open his own car. However, buy a new car less

than a moment to mention cars, impatient, he spent 5,000 yuan, from a friend a hand to the transfer of

16 years of "old age" of Poussin car. He said the price is very low, very affordable, drove for two years, although the older cars Poussin

high, but easy maintenance and save money, the car performance is not bad, you can make do with some time to open


It is understood that Mr. Chiang currently there are many people like the idea. Recently, reporters from the city that used-car market, some

ten years old Santana car, and asked to come and many people interested in buying. Operating officer, told reporters

Introduced a 11-year-old Santana car, priced at 2 million yuan, many beginners prefer to vote for the old Poussin as a transition car. Age of

the vehicle market of second-hand cars more than ten years, most of Poussin.

However, the purchase of "old age" when the second-hand car, vehicle age to pay attention to see the details about the vehicle condition, the

best professionals in your shop to look at 4S. Use, to regular maintenance to prevent machinery accidents.

In addition, the time to keep track scrap, missed time to scrap the subsidies do not enjoy. If you are over 15 years of "old age" used car,

do not be able to transfer the transfer procedure, if you want to resell, it is best compared to the notary office

Off notarized.


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