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Quzhou City, used car trading volume, trading price both up
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Spring car driven by the influx of recent new car sales continue hot Quzhou, used cars are no exception. This reporter recently visited

Quzhou City, Qujiang District used-car market was informed that the recent growth of the city's two second-hand car into a volume by

Recently used source of relatively tight truck, used car transaction price was up in general.

Increase in volume two as second-hand car trading

February 10 morning, the reporters in the used car market Quzhou City's "A Man used car" in front of several people being around to see a

second-hand Excelle [Review Photo Forum], to inquire about the car of staff relevant information. City

Floor of the parking lot, there are five or six people are watching the cars approved.

A responsible person over the shop told reporters driven by the Spring Festival consumption, since January this year, his business has been

good. Especially since February, to see more car traffic than usual doubled. The first ten days in February, his average

Sell a car every day, a good number of business than usual.

In the afternoon, second-hand automobile market in Qujiang indoor exhibition venue, which has four or five people are watching the car award,

all intermediaries are introduced to customers, selling vehicles, too busy. "Past month, I sold

12 vehicles, double the usual. "Chatted about the recent sale of the situation, used car broker Chen was very pleased. Liu introduced the

market leader, last month, the market has doubled traffic than usual,

Turnover also increased by three percent or so.

February so far, the city's second-hand car trading volume has not yet figured out, but we can see the data from January clues, because in

January the sale of similar situation and this month. January of this year, the city used car volume was 901

Vehicles, and 763 last year, the average monthly trading volume, an increase of Jinliang Cheng.

Transaction price rose two or three thousand dollars

Interview, the reporter also noted that by the standards of old scrap subsidies to increase owners reluctant to sell used cars of the year

and other factors, the current source of the city's relatively tight second-hand trucks, used car purchase price and the price rose two or

three so

Thousand dollars.

7 February morning, Mr. Xu, who lives in Shangrao Qujiang used-car market came to look at cars. Xu buy a used car for the Chinese New Year,

after a friend introduced to Quzhou. After more than an hour of choice, contrast, he finally in the

The market to buy a 10-year-old Santana car. "Vehicle speed is also good, but feeling a little bit high price." In the process of transfer

formalities, Mr. Xu told reporters that he bought the car spent 3 million yuan, with its 2.6 million, 2.7

Million compared to the psychological level, a little high. But given the eagerness to buy a car, car source in short supply and other

factors, he decided to buy.

"Now the car is not received, the purchase price becomes higher, the selling price naturally high point." Jing Xiaohu the market explained to

reporters, a year after the used car scrap subsidies to improve, and now a lot of cars in the 10-15 age between the car

Become in short supply up, and many owners are reluctant to sell these cars, and therefore price increases. As in the same period last year,

the same vehicle in the same style of Poussin may be long as 2.5 million.

In addition, due to tight supply of new vehicles around the Spring Festival, many for people to sell used cars buy new cars, new cars because

they can not get a timely manner, but also postponed a plan to sell used cars, which also caused the current used car market source of cars


More tension.

Supply and demand determines the price, because the car in short supply, the recent purchase price of used cars in our city and offer prices

are higher than usual two or three thousand dollars. The industry estimates that in March after the source of cars used cars relative tension

Will be eased.


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