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Quzhou City used-car market acceptance by the Ministry of Commerce
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Quzhou News Network June 19 hearing before the Department of Commerce, Department of Finance a joint inspection team of second-hand car

market Quzhou upgrading works on the ground inspection and acceptance. Upgrading of the market acceptance of group entry

Highly praised the project, which became the province's first second-hand car trading through the acceptance of the update project

demonstrates the market. Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce to participate in Zhejiang acceptance.

Quzhou second-hand car market to enhance the service function and quality of the existing scale of construction in the market, and the

supporting services system, based on the funds invested 4.5 million yuan to carry out a comprehensive upgrading.

Currently, the market floor area of 6,000 square meters to from the original 13,500 square meters; business premises from the original 12,000

square meters to 21,000 square meters; business houses from the original 24 to 132 rooms;

Business-bit extended from 50 to 150 vehicles seized area, display area, consignment area, trading and car parks and other functional areas

to improve, greatly increased the capacity of the market.

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