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Car city " cool meaning " still put in the government to depreciate agency saves
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As " 11 " the drawing near of long holiday, car market greeted stealthily " depreciate wet " , partial manufacturer begins to apply price lever with period prize market. However, when agency expects occurrence a favourable turn, car city still was not cast off low fan, the wait-and-see breath of consumer is enveloping car city. After experiencing the sales volume of successive a few months to glide compared to the same period, car city begins get warm again after a cold spell, but just spend " freeze-up " car city, "Cool meaning " still still exist.

The government depreciates exciting car city

After the sale that experienced before this year a few months is frustrated, manufacturer and agency people happen to coincide the ground chose most efficient sales promotion way -- depreciate, ground of own brand not decline to shoulder a responsibility carries the big banner that rose to depreciate. In August the last ten-day of a month, the car started Biyadi the name is " gold offensive " autumn sale big fight, execute price privilege to partial F3 model. After this, great Wall car announces pair of Great Walls fine praise have sales promotion activity 100 days, among them price of lowermost standard type rises eighty-two thousand eight hundred yuan, highest and favourable extent amounts to more than yuan 30 thousand.

Enter after September, depreciate tide is to come centrally more. Masses of north and south was started include new car, depreciate etc a series of inside " serial fist " , this company announces at the same time: "The masses already to the battle sprint that seizes gold, the sale will be completed in Chinese market this year 1 million. The sale will be completed in Chinese market this year 1 million..

On September 8, limited company of car of Chang'an Ford Ma Zida is avowed adjust Europe of Ford Meng Di - send the manufacturer proposal price that surpasses whole set product, europe of Ford Meng Di - send the whole department that get the better of the amplitude modulation below retail price of proposal of 4 models manufacturer is highest amount to 20 thousand yuan. And in Europe of Ford Meng Di - send get the better of before adjusting the price, the price of Kaimeirui and elegant cabinet has appeared to change considerably. The reporter discovers in interview, although of manufacturer of this round of part depreciate and did not cause large-scale " price war " , but appeared already in agency office the favourable measure of different level. On market terminal price, triumphant more, think of region, Sangdana, Fox, beautiful 307 wait for large quantities of one car markets to go up advocate hit a model to have relatively substantially depreciate.

"Jin Jiuyin 10 " sole rebounds to had become only of current car city it seems that help straw. "Although know to depreciate malpractice is heavy, but under the weigh in task of annual sales volume, still many manufacturer chose to adjust price system. " a car dealer says frankly, "The annual that manufacturer makes to complete the beginning of the year sells an end, depreciating also is one of methods that help city " .
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