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Demand is fatigued and weak the month on capital car city clinchs a deal quantit
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In the past traded to the car of Beijing August for it is equipment undoubtedly stricken, in with all possible means new politics reach action of market internal force to fall, capital new car traded with two handcart in August the quantity has 45 thousand only in all, reduced 39 thousand than July, reduce gross to be close to 4 into. Expert estimation, although 4 annual and last months on traditional sense are the sale fastigium of the car, but without doubt, the demand this year will last because of a variety of reasons fatigued and weak.

Statistical data shows, test and verify is new in August car 28 thousand, 63% what occupy gross of test and verify, than going up the month reduced 23 thousand, decrease rate for 45% ; Than last year the corresponding period reduced 7500, decrease rate for 21% ; Test and verify is secondhand car 17 thousand, than going up the month decreased 49% ; Than last year the corresponding period decreased 40% .

Beijing car city is the vane of domestic car market all along, sales volume of domestic car month appeared 4 years first August compared to the same period annulus drops than in pairs. Masses of Shanghai of tycoon of 3 old cars, one steam of domestic - the masses and Shanghai are general August sales volume and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year dropped 8% to 17% .

The expert thinks, fatigued and weak market demand may continue to affect this year a few the rest of months, bring about car sales volume appears this year a digit growth. From this computative, 10 million total ends that industry of the beginning of the year expects will come true very hard.

"The car city 2008 is in a lot of respects with similar 2004. The constant change of car city produced intense negative effect to car manufacturer. " an advanced sale director of domestic car joint ventures says so.

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