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Protect ability not to spend injustice money to how be being cast for two handca
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Be sure on two handcart very injustice?

Ms. Zhao is firm last year change the name of owner in a register a two handcart, bought price is not worth 60 thousand yuan. The guarantee slip of danger of car of a commerce that add signs this year lets her water of a mist, the liability limit of the car on guarantee slip is 96 thousand yuan. That is to say, 50 thousand multivariate bought car was given to go up to be sure to the value according to 96 thousand yuan by insurance company. Another asks ability knows, if the car was lost, insurance company is top press only when buying car 50 thousand multivariate undertake manage compensate, and the compensate of 96 thousand yuan of manage that does not press insurance liability limit.

Ms. Zhao is felt a bit do not wear brains, this car takes two handcart market again now, won't sell 96 thousand yuan anyhow. Insurance company protects car caustic according to so high price, force policy-holder is forced to spend " injustice money " ?

Why cannot insurance company press the insurance premium of caustic of price computation car when buying two handcart? Insurance representative says to Ms. Zhao explanation, of car caustic danger keeping the specified number is insurance company license plate goes up according to traffic first time in the system buy the price to had been decided, without giving thought to this car now price geometry, cannot change.

Car advocate Mr Dong the insurance this year goes up in 4S inn, see guarantee slip carefully, mr Dong is a bit muddleheaded also: Car caustic danger keeps the specified number is 100 thousand yuan, what rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer protects is seventy-one thousand two hundred yuan, same a car, why to protect the forehead to differ however 20 thousand multivariate?

About two afore-mentioned cars advocate the problem of mentioned car caustic danger and valuation of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, many cars advocate had come up against. Investigate randomly according to the reporter, most car advocate be not real knowledge among them " variety " .

Car caustic danger purchases valence computation by new car

The reporter learns from insurance company, the valuation big principle of car caustic danger is according to the instantly of this model new car purchases valence computation, and the client can see from inside guarantee slip, same the car caustic danger last year keeps a car the forehead and this year keep the specified number different, because insurance company undertakes every year adjustment according to car price change, multiply next lead with corresponding cost. But on the whole for, on guarantee slip so called " new car purchases value " the average price that be close to or is equal to new car of this car instantly, compare the quote tower above that is in two handcart city one big chunk.

Reporter basis Ms. Zhao and the model that Mr Dong provides are mixed the quoted price that car age gets from market of Beijing old motor vehicle is respectively 55 thousand yuan mix seventy-nine thousand five hundred yuan, and their car caustic danger on respective insurance company keeps the specified number is respectively 96 thousand yuan mix 100 thousand yuan. 41 thousand yuan those who mix twenty thousand five hundred yuan is tall " balance " also be a car advocate him doubt is cast keep the account that spent injustice money.
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