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A variety of reasons send prices bad Chengdu is secondhand car city Qiu Yinong
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Those who decorate the business is do in Chengdu Mr Sun wants to trade a vehicle recently, recently, he himself spends at that time 85 thousand yuan to buy, the nimble that opened 60 thousand much kilometer nearly 3 years amounts to red pailou two handcart market, after preparation sells first, buy, the quoted price of company of a few intermediary is not good as a result, open 55 thousand yuan highestly, fell lowly 45 thousand yuan, the drop of price of 60 thousand yuan of psychology with him is great. The information that from red pailou two handcart city comes out makes clear, two months are secondhand recently car not only trade the quantity is in glide, and the value is total than falling first half of the year 5%-15% differs. The Ministry of Public Security that carries out in Chengdu since September 9 " motor vehicle registers a regulation " new move, although be opposite of two handcart trade offerred a few human nature to change civilian measure, but affect to two handcart trade and having no essence.

New car depreciates two handcart follow suit

"1.6L surpasses Europe, went up 2001 door, travel 80 thousand kilometer, quote 23 thousand yuan; 1.8T handkerchief Sa is special, went up in December 2005 door, travel 120 thousand kilometer, quote 135 thousand yuan... " walk into red pailou two handcart market, inside so big fairground, park wears on 1000 " brand-new " two handcart. The personage inside course of study is described, here, with buy compact model the money of the car can buy high-grade car, the fund that buys miniature car can be bought intermediate car, compact model car. The controller that two handcart go fills nimble spirit the gentleman says, depreciate ceaselessly as a result of car of most first half of the year brand sales promotion, the price that also affected two handcart jointly goes low continuously. He introduces, 1.6L of Yi Lan spy is basic model, new car from last year 116 thousand yuan first, all the way be issued to lower levels, fall continuously eighty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, two handcart must fall again, the Yi Lan that car age was in two years last year can sell 70 thousand yuan especially, it is difficult to sell 60 thousand yuan now.

Two handcart price is in be issued to lower levels, trade the quantity also shows the sign that glides continuously. Inferior the gentleman of business manager week that new car goes says, whole he sold only in August give a car, average in the past record is 34. According to Chengdu two handcart chamber of commerce concerns personage introduction, trade from old two handcart the circumstance looks, new car trades glide, two handcart trade to also glide accordingly. Statistical data shows, sale of new first half of the year car falls amount to 20%-30% , so secondhand the car trades the volume falls apparent also not under this scale.

A variety of reasons send prices bad

"I spend one hundred and three thousand eight hundred yuan of Xin Kai that just buy to jump over at the beginning of June, fall at the beginning of July 93 thousand yuan, loss of a month 10 thousand multivariate. " a consumer says achingly. It is reported, since this year, speed of refresh of case of car market price is past years is the sharpest. Be this is planted " bought fall " psychology anticipates, let a lot of people aux would rather cover purse does not wish to move to buy a car easily; In addition, finished product oil rises in price first half of the year this year, along with is other cost of adornment, maintenance rises, different level affected the car of people to consume enthusiasm. In Chengdu secretary-general of two handcart chamber of commerce Mr Ao looks, administer more rigid standard, also be to bring about two handcart to trade one of lukewarm reasons. It is reported, a few days ago, the door of a few greater part such as province Public Security Department, industrial and commercial bureau allots an announcement jointly, buy to what two handcart trade, evaluate, appraisal, place made strict provision, this also is meant trade the rise of cost.
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