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Beijing: Small platoon measures two handcart to go against city to go tall to cl
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A few days ago, the reporter discovers in interview, with much two handcart sales volume glides to differ apparently, small platoon measures two handcart to go against city to go tall, make the main trend that two handcart market trades. Beijing old motor vehicle trades the data that the market publishs shows, in Beijing is small quantity two handcart change the name of owner in a register is measured relatively the corresponding period grew 20% last year, the small car discharging an amount with a few better sales volume appeared even thousands of yuan rise in price.

In prices bullish small platoon estimates two handcart market in, the degree relative superiority or inferiority with each welcome model is trenchant. Concerned investigation shows, the model turnover rate that keeps cost rate high is very high, all suffer buy, sell bilateral favour, trade the amount is the largest.

"I buy two handcart to buy the rate that keep a cost tall, this car is ride instead of walk is used, cross period of time to still can be changed, buy a rate that keep a cost tall, later the convert into money when resell won't be too much. " a consumer spoke much the aspirations of two handcart buyer. And the value that two handcart agency can realize the rate that keep a cost more, be engaged in two handcart trading old Mr Liu tells a reporter: "Now of sell like hot cakes, it is the model with the high rate that keep a cost. It is the model with the high rate that keep a cost..
Expert of two handcart city thinks, oil price rises is small quantity the main reason with two popular handcart. The salesperson of company of broker of an old car tells a reporter, the car that had better sell on two handcart market at present, basically center in 0.8L-1.8L, oil price still is the attention dot of purchaser of this interval that discharge an amount.

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