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Clinch a deal the quantity is not as secondhand as person meaning caravan expres
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Long from National Day holiday is less than half moon, besides the Spring Festival, this can calculate have most this year " go vacationing " sensory a week. Although long-distance be being driven oneself is journey fatigueded a few, but, "Viatic sense is really good! " had become now 70, 80 hind car advocate people consensus.

Nevertheless, the concept of caravan, still behave in abroad only it seems that be worthy of the name. The idea using a car of domestic consumer, make it is differred with both sides car not big cold reception. Recently, the reporter visits the bazaar, feel apparently secondhand caravan amount can be counted on one's fingers.

Market model frequency shows old face

The administrator of the two handcart market such as An Jun, Bao Lijie expresses, plant with other vehicle brand, type is various and different, lie between the caravan that a few months receive, basically be those a few, what what differ is only " this car is not those car " just. The earliest will " caravan " the Shanghai public that the concept takes home Sang Dana caravan, the antediluvian of market of it may be said, be in accidentally at present a few in managing cheap and secondhand the car of the car still can see all right, the price drops 10 thousand yuan already the following. Similar still have Guangzhou beautiful 505 caravan, the odds that it shows body market is even lower than masses Sang Dana. Basically, look good as result of recieving praise often can be shown on two handcart market, nothing more than the group power that compares in a popular style namely abstruse on the weekend SRV of Europe of the wind, contest that fasten a gram, triumphant jump over viatic edition, the price maintains in 100 thousand yuan the following. And in in advanced car, si Balu is proud the tiger is more welcome, this actually also profit from its modelling is relatively special. A few more high-grade secondhand caravan, if run quickly,E fastens caravan, just also had appeared accidentally bout.

Approbate degree far as 3 side car

Sell like hot cakes of difficult talk of new car market, this brings about viatic car to be behaved in two handcart market directly not lukewarm not fire. Li Tian rewards the two handcart general manager of inn of 4S of Bie Kean Hua point out, the both sides that jumps over in Biekekai, 3 compartment and viatic edition are secondhand in the car, caravan holds the share of 10%-15% about in new car and two handcart market, more consumer can choose 3 compartment edition, because feel it is more big,enrage, and caravan still is in weak force as family expenses car. Now, price of edition of new car trip is in about 110 thousand - 150 thousand, than 3 compartment edition slightly expensive, and two handcart price, card time is in on 1-2 year right-and-left quote is 70 thousand the left and right sides, highest also do not exceed 100 thousand. Clinch a deal on the quantity, in order to fasten Ke Anhua " sincere new two handcart " for exemple, this year so far, in all work off is secondhand triumphant jump over viatic edition 10 or so, do not be like person meaning.
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