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Excessive in August big in September in advance measuring a vehicle after releas
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August is big orgiastic season that measures luxurious vehicle, the price is climbed successively litre, still encounter those who buy car a group of things with common features is mad grab, sales volume added numerous car business urgently in January 3 times, created off-season in distinctive " hot island " effect. Enter in September, the code of new consumption tax boots be born, big platoon measures luxurious car to soare immediately number comes tens of 10 thousand, sales volume also subsequently in advance enters a winter, enter " hibernant " .

Somebody asks, nobody is bought

On Monday, still be in holiday is medium mid-autumn, a 4S that run quickly has 56 clerks prattle to wear only inside inn, so old exhibition hall did not see a client half hours. And on the side brand of car of a family expenses already pass in and out 34 batches of clients.

"Somebody asks, nobody is bought... " the selling manager of inn of 4S of a BMW tells a reporter, after adjusting car price in September, the Qian Ke that buys a X5 of 4.8 quantities answers two X5 of 3 quantities with leaving. This consumption tax is adjusted, treasure Martha discharges the spurt in prices that measure a vehicle, a X5 of 4.8 quantities went up nearly 400 thousand yuan. Hear this price, a lot of call come the client of inquiry hanged a phone quickly without argy-bargy. "3 days mid-autumn holiday, clinch a deal without a car. " a beauty fastens luxurious car dealer also is deep feeling again and again.

"Very poor really... " a car business that runs brands of all sorts of luxurious entrance car says, the old car discharging an amount of 4 above had not been sold after September. Look from the whole nation, tianjin harbor is sale of luxurious entrance car most centralized area, at ordinary times the lunar sales volume of a lot of agency maintains be in many 200, and time went this in September one most, but sales volume just is controlled 20 times only. "9, there was not prices for certain October. This also is normal circumstance, the intent user that wants to buy this to approve a car after all is already advanced 9 months were consumed ahead of schedule centrally. " yuan Sun Zijiang says a department of car entrance car.

The car that implements new price is not much

"Actually this paragraph of time sells the car that give me according to new price truly had not heard, the very much old car that discharge an amount has counter-bid space, and the setting of the standard cutting price that still can issue how many price to treat customer completely and agency. " business of an entrance car shows, entrance car passes a variety of declaring at customs the program wants a week time almost in agency hand, because this is current,the harbor reachs after September truly big platoon on Hangzhou market estimates new car amount Shangbuduo.

The personage inside course of study discloses, the entrance car business with abundant actual strength of capital of before 9 months mostly store up a few cars, because these cars are to be in what harbor reachs before September, the cost that receive price is lower, agency can fix a price at will according to his anticipation, than like a Leikesasi LS600 rises by 1.598 million original yuan 2.005 million yuan, some car business worry about capital to press too long, earn more many yuan 10 are willing to move, and some car business actual strength are abundant, the price can be bitten firmlier. This is an entrance the fight of actual strength goes between car business, who can be pressed more for a long time, who can the money with more gain.
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