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Depreciate will tide raid Chinese car city to you can drop drop endlessly?
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On September 8, 2008, chang'an Ford horse amounts to car limited company to announce oneself, begin from September 8, europe of Ford Meng Di - send get the better of whole set product to will implement new firm proposal retail price, europe of Ford Meng Di - send the whole department that get the better of the amplitude modulation below retail price of proposal of 4 models firm is highest amount to 20 thousand yuan.

Almost at the same time, numerous peaceful car also announces, be the same as the congratulate Olympic Games, society sense of responsibility that shares people of successful, redound for expression, numerous peaceful falls in the light of the banner since this day of numerous peaceful car model of 2008 whole departments was initiated " champion character is shared successfully " thematic privilege activity. Saying is privilege, it is the activity that adjusts the price actually, the manufacturer says, this second price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is whole, numerous peaceful 2008 highest fall nearly 6000 yuan.

   Adjust the price in succession

Enter actually September, many manufacturer were hit depreciate card, the avowed government such as the masses, Ford, more numerous than consistent steam peaceful, strange luck depreciates.

Begin from July 1, one steam - the policy of new business affairs that countrywide agency got the masses to come from Changchun -- one steam - masses treasure comes the government coachs valence is reduced 12 thousand, right fast the make out an invoice that the model that vacate Mt gives 5000 yuan is folded let, at the same time real to agency stock undertakes compensating, vacate the price sales promotion that carries out 20 thousand yuan to striding.

Contemporaneity Ford also announces the government depreciates: Since September 8, europe of Ford Meng Di - send get the better of whole set product to will implement new firm proposal retail price, the amplitude modulation below the price is highest amount to 20 thousand yuan. Mengdiou - send get the better of 2.3l vogue model the price just one hundred and seventy-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, come so the value that the client estimates with 2.0l platoon, with respect to the model that can buy 2.3l level to configure.

This shows, depreciate wind has spread to the sale on the market the biggest in advanced car market. But the fact to bicycle price fall, most manufacturer is not afraid. They think, the market undertakes adjustment in year is very regular job.

And strange luck government also is moved low forum of library of graph of strange luck A5() price, depreciate amount to 11 thousand yuan. After the price is adjusted, a5 minimum price is fifty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan only.

"Depreciating is the normal reaction of the market, the market and enterprise are in the process that every year one is adjusted, usually, idealer adjustment is in year period. " manager of travel of a car expresses, "Before this year 5 months, the market got shifting to an earlier date releasing, sales volume had promote considerably, present adjustment is for later better, also be to profit will return. Also be to profit will return..
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