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The service competes again price war of aggravate car danger " smoke of gunpowde
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Since this year, each insurance company on Shanghai for share of market of race to control, lead cost tone in succession low in order to contend for passenger source, a few malign depreciate example common occurance of competition. To this, the meeting that keep watch ever make known to lower levels aims to restrict malign competition " price fixing makes " . After passing brief dreariness however, price war is in again related all sorts of insurance in the orgnaization " resurgence " .

   Car danger price war: Helpless choice

The author understands, 70% what at present the cost rate discount on car danger market sets under the meeting that keep watch already. Low to 5 fold, the 6 car a place difficult of access that lose common occurance, there is no lack of among them a few large property insurance company, and a few small companies on the market, new company is more " fold on fold " the ground is hit at will. From this and the vicious price war that come lets car danger market be immersed in condition of blame reason competition almost.

The author interviewed the relevant personage of orgnaization of intermediary of danger of a large car. Be aimed at the action that stipulates under the meeting that keep watch the discount sells car danger product, he replies without the front, just express " the likelihood has, particular case is not clear. " he thinks: "The price war fact of car danger domain belongs to helpless choice. " this personage looks, orgnaization of car danger intermediary is car danger merely a link on this industry catenary, the responsibility price war along with all the others attribute a fault to arrives on body of car danger intermediary is inequity.

This personage says, although the quantitative growth of the motor vehicle on the market is very at present rapid, but this is a limited market after all, and include insurance company, insurance representative company, the orgnaization puts the view to this market related the greatly little car risk such as insurance intermediary platform. To insurance intermediary orgnaization, they are platform of a representative merely, spoken parts in an opera is the property that is similar to home appliance supermarket, above it connective insurance company, hold together is worn below consumer. So he thinks, the terminal discount of car danger is not insurance intermediary orgnaization can control, this more is market itself and the outcome that insurance company decides.

Be aimed at the origin of price war of car danger domain, this personage expresses, because product of car danger domain is coessential,change outstanding, others depreciated, oneself do not fall to do not have the market. And look at present the contention that what each big orgnaization place takes seriously is share of car danger market, fall in big environment so, price war is really " lift helplessly " .
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