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Policy respect unlocks two handcart gradually will more prosperous than new car
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Had gone from two handcart market when you, meeting discovery is whole and secondhand car business is very prosperous, brush together brush those who putting to look seem brand-new two handcart and inviting price, it is to make the person that buy a car very easy really enchanted rise. A variety of evidence make clear, as policy respect unlock gradually, vibrant " two handcart times " going at a stride toward us.

In last few years, domestic auto industry develops quickly, the model updates speed to accelerate, price war also grows in intensity, more models gave two handcart to trade more resource, but the rate that also accelerated two handcart convert into money. Occupy an analysis according to all computation, the performance of two handcart market first half of the year is overall this year satisfactory. This trades because of its not only the quantity has relatively grow substantially, still because whole is secondhand the development of car market is mature with each passing day. Come from 2000 2007, 7 years short between, two handcart trade the quantity increases 2.6 million from 252 thousand. According to statistic, two handcart and scale of new car sale achieved 0.8:1 last year. And the expert inside course of study is forecasted, this scale will realize 1:1 2008.

"Who buys a car to be met again sell the car in the hand first go out, two handcart market is met necessarily fire! " this is one is engaged in two handcart trading the view of working personage. Be in those who enter car period today, approach to everybody in the dream that the car is reaching from Yao. As we have learned, at present each manufacturer all accelerated development and the rate that introduce new car, there is at least 60 first half of the year this year only more than new car or car changing a money appears on the market in succession, and there will be nearly 10 cars to appear on the market in succession again after the Olympic Games ends. Of new car what a large number of appearing on the market that also accelerated new old car on certain level is alternant, promoted the rapid development of two handcart market.

In the investigation that buys two handcart place to do recently in Xin Huaxin, the person be visited of 78% intended or had bought two handcart, only the person of 17.4% expresses that he must buy new car. And by information of the market that use a car according to the whole nation joint meeting is forecasted, two handcart of our country traded 2010 the quantity will exceed 4 million, trade amount will exceed 140 billion yuan. The latent capacity of two handcart markets of Chinese is being dug in deepness, policy code is being perfected, the market is in activation and standard, consumptive idea is maturing, management means is being explored, without commonplace doubt, two handcart city of our country are warming up.

Look from the two handcart market condition of a few developed countries, old car sales volume is more than new car absolutely. As we have learned, at present the sale of two handcart of the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan is new car sale respectively 3.5 times, 2 times, 2 times, 1.4 times, two handcart of American sell 2 times average profit margin is new car. In the Swiss capital Geneva that has 1.65 million population, two handcart are average year of 560 thousand sales volume 2 times be new car, profit is in about 18% ~ 20% , far also 9% what exceed new car profit. Nuo city is investigated in Italian wave, population 450 thousand person, the car has a quantity to be 120 thousand, year sell 12 thousand to reach 18 thousand, according to place the biggest car agency introduces, the two handcart market here is more active than new car market, trade 30% what the quantity exceeds new car.
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