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Car danger case: After striking a person, be sure the following day ability beco
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On May 28, 2007, mr Jiang bought a car in limited company of some car sale, paid two hundred and fifty-seven thousand three hundred yuan that day afternoon. Included among them by do sth for sb drop the charge that defends formalities, in obtain shift the car that day after mobile card temporarily. The following day, acting sale company Mr Jiang dealt with formalities of this car insurance in branch of Shanghai of Pacific Ocean insurance, insurance time limit came since zero hour on May 30, 2007 oneself stopped on May 29, 2008. Little imagine, mr Jiang drove afternoon on May 29, 2007 however new car always promotes pony road crossing to be in to less than of line of Shanghai Zhongshan link, produce traffic accident with other, cause other to get hurt medical expenses of generation be in hospital more than yuan 24 thousand. Via making a valve the branch is maintained, mr Jiang bears full responsibility. Because sell company generation to cast,Mr Jiang considers as protect bring about not in time cannot get compensate of insurance company manage, caused a loss, sue then to the court, the request adjudicates 24 thousand yuan to sale company assumes responsibility of breach of contract to recoup a loss. Comment on: Although both sides protects formalities to had not made an agreement to when doing appropriate to cast, but sale company is pressed trade the habit will do sth for sb inside reasonable time cast protect formalities to give finish, buy the interest of car person in order to protect. Mr Jiang is in did not receive insurance contract clearly when below the premise of become effective, the new car that still drives to just was bought comes traffic accident produces inside area of mobile card illicit temporarily, oneself is put in fault. The business contract between both sides holds water lawfully, become effective, but both sides maintains procedures to selling a company when to need to do appropriate to cast and did not make an agreement, sale company is not affirmatory also pass insurance contract when become effective.

Accordingly, remind consumer when to entrusting 4s inn to deal with car danger, should be made clear tell 4s store, insurance is carrying a car to was born that day effect. When if 4s inn expresses not to have deal with according to law,managing, consumer can let 4s inn deal with car danger first, next oneself change insurance effective date to relevant insurance company. Current, insurance company can deal with effective date change. (Brillant)

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