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Two handcart how to go up insurance protects frontal danger to plant how should
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Cast protect two kinds means

What the insurance on two handcart did not envisage actually is so complex. Consumer is completely OK oneself are finished, the representative that insurance gets on below the province thereby is expended.

Change the name of owner in a register of conduction car danger has two kinds of kind: The first kind basically have guarantee slip essential factor a few correct, the key is to correct insurant and car advocate. Needs data is simpler, take guarantee slip and proof of car transfer ownership, by original car advocate the site of insurance company sale that buys insurance to before goes dealing with can.

The 2nd kind of means, apply for to retreat namely protect, namely before that car danger is retreated, terminate the contract previously. Need pay only at this moment from cast protect begin to retreat the insurance cost during protecting this, the insurance cost insurance company of other can be returned accordingly. Later, new car advocate can assume a post He Yijia insurance company goes dealing with danger of a car afresh. Below this kind of circumstance, remove the material that when protecting, needs, besides guarantee slip even Id. Cast afresh when protecting, need to provide new travel evidence only, or the proof of car transfer ownership can be cast protected.

Protect the forehead how to decide

The insurance value of car is basis new car purchase valence to decide, include car unit price and add purchase cost.

The insurance amount of car loss danger can be pressed send the insurance value decision when protecting, also can talk things over by the person that be protected and underwriter affirmatory, perhaps press the real value decision of the car, but highest must not exceed insurance value, disable partly more than.

The formula of real value computation that insurance vehicle provides in clauses is: Guide only then new car of big pool? purchases value / national regulation uses × of fixed number of year (national regulation uses fixed number of year - already used) of fixed number of year.

Insurance company staff member can consult in particular operation, such more save worry.

What danger is planted on

Two handcart are general " car " old bead yellow, the boldest insurance program is OK get on only 100 thousand yuan 3 person danger. Build the car with rise inexpensive so to Pu Sang, courage the car with big, excellent technology advocate might as well abandon car caustic danger directly.

Another kind go up conservatively the plan of danger was being protected namely 3 person rush to deal with an emergency of a pilfer goes up besides the with average such as danger, car caustic danger.

Pu Sang is the common model of blackmarket, by pilfer risk tall. Price of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency is higher nevertheless, the consumer that thinks save money is purchasing high grade guard against theft implement with on the intercrop of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency chooses.
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