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New consumption tax carries out the spring of the small car that discharge an am
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It is face problem not just

Complete China pays close attention to a flock of people of the small car that discharge an amount most, media of nothing is more... than. Every time when relevant section has a sign of disturbance or trouble, media always is like the station like person of defend conventional moral principles to come out, the advantage of advocate is small quantity. Resemble implementing policy of new car consumption tax on September 1, almost all media show what measure car future to small to expect again -- but very regretful, it seems that consumer is moved without place.

I now already not quite self-identity " Chinese good outer part " judgment of this through the ages, face this thing, the Chinese is to like, but we am unapt still arrive " slap one's face until it's swollen in an effort to look imposing " degree, always the consumer of normal thinking, can be in oneself but in susceptive limits " good outer part " .

So, why does the small car that discharge an amount sell in China do not move? Think actually, a few may the reason have. The first, no matter " be restricted big " , or " put small " , policy of new car consumption tax appears effect is not apparent. Should buy big platoon to measure luxurious vehicle, do not care about those a few increasing penny, and the customer that buys the small car that discharge an amount purposely, calculate will calculate go how feeling to not worth however: After reducing tax, also save an a thousand or slightly less at most, this bit is favourable, go casually which agency can talk get, still be inferior to buying the model with a bit higher level!

After that, consumer again so consider: Oil price a price, stop cost of fare, maintain a road to also do not have difference, the money that by what opens QQ to follow Q7 to want to hand in is euqally much? Think so, "Good outer part " the element appears came. Before I have a friend paragraph time seeks advice buy a car, her theory is such: "I plan to buy those who consider region originally, wanting to save oil, but think later, should hand in anyway stay fare, pass by on one's way fee of cost, maintain a road is same, still be inferior to buying an air the car of a bit, not be the flower does not have this money. " this not, she bought a Jun Yue finally.

Moreover, what say with American is same, "The thing that environmental protection is others home " , our flower must have this money, why to want a province? National both neither gives me allowance, do not give me award again, do not have the thing of advantage, we does not work!

So, so look, consumer buys the small car that discharge an amount to had not gained what advantage really. Always consumer, it is most stress is real, if want consumer to draw out his pocket to support environmental protection by one antrum enthusiasm only, be afraid not quite actual still. In fact, in some way, the guiding on national policy, far breathe out greatly than media small why should get actually much. Hypothesis fuel Shui Kaizheng, plus give the small car that discharge an amount a few real privilege: Be like size car stop fare to differ, offer the customer that buys the small car that discharge an amount the privilege on rate of a few cost, I think, consumer also readily take the opportunity to is taken no account of " face problem " and open small platoon to measure car start off! (Old Xin glad)
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