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How should the car with the poorest sales volume do?
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Annulus compared afterwards of car city sales volume in July in August after dropping, appeared the monthly inside the current year drops first compared to the same period. Multiplied August sell in all with the car 45. 130 thousand, annulus comparing drops 7. 56 % , drop compared to the same period 6. 24 % . Among them: Basic model multiply with the car (car) sale 34. 460 thousand, annulus comparing drops 4. 50 % , drop compared to the same period 7. 42 % ; Muti_function multiply with the car (m p v ) sale 1 . 320 thousand, annulus comparing drops 10. 22 % , drop compared to the same period 30. 58 % ; Motile multipurpose is multiplied with the car (s u v ) sale 3. 510 thousand, annulus comparing drops 3. 39 % , grow 18 compared to the same period. 54 % .


Above all, in car respect, we are mixed from economy car, intermediate car 3 layers interview has luxurious car, the model in each level, what is the most possibly do two months depreciate recently?

The first, we visit luxurious laager camp, 8 sales volume fall a the oldest car should belong to Kelaisile 300c, overcome Laisile at present 300c Beijing privilege 50 thousand yuan, but sales volume still cannot promote. How much cannot the day it may not be a bad idea of ave cross, at present Shenzhen ave fell already madly 50 thousand yuan, sales volume still is in glide continuously. From 1-8 month extent of increase and decrease of sales volume of homebred and luxurious car can discover, the luxurious model that may lift the whole nation to depreciate again is probable it is Kelaisile 300c and ave. Because battalion of homebred and luxurious laager is lesser, at present only 10 come a homebred and luxurious car, competitive rate is not late, depreciating pressure is less than intermediate car.

The 2nd, from intermediate car market performance looked August, homebred and intermediate car by Mengdiou - send get the better of take the lead in start shooting price war, chang'an Ford issues Mengdiou at announcing a standard on September 8 - send get the better of depreciate 20 thousand yuan, from this official win initial success intermediate car is in the price war September. Why be Mengdiou - send get the better of take the lead in start shooting price war, review intermediate car city, mengdiou - send get the better of recently sales volume of a few months glides is the fastest model. Current, kaimeirui, elegant cabinet appeared the privilege of distinct range, and stride vacate after the course depreciates and rolling out 2.0t model, its sales volume promotes somewhat slowly recently. Appear on the market before long new sounds of nature, below price of intermediate car whole the circumstance of defeat falls, its price tigidity still can be carried how long, be worth us to suspect.

The 3rd, in medium-sized car market, beijing contemporary drive circle in the air, Suonada, Oriental child, Yuan Jian, Ge La can say to go up is to behaved one of the poorest models 2008, not only sales volume is low fan, of these models depreciate extent also is the biggest, especially Ge La, depreciate at present 30 thousand see sales volume hard also somewhat improvement. This phase model depreciates very frequent, but sales volume increases and not apparent, cause price war of this phase model the most possibly should belong to drive circle in the air, the car such as Suonada and Ge La.
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