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The car maintains in car advocate must assume " 7 responsibility "
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(1) use love car normally, not excessive speed, overweighted, avoid to be quickened quickly, as far as possible with divide evenly fast drive.

(2) regular care and maintenance. The fact proves, the maintenance of the car is right of the car it is very important to discharge quality. Qualification is discharged when some cars leave factory, but such and such problem can appear in use process, need care and maintenance, make oneself car is in a good moving position. Maintenance is not seasonable, because the meeting is tall discharge cause more pollution. Be like: The filter that checks a car frequently to discover conduit of air of choke of leakage, examination, examination, use cleanness ignition system, in time, prevent burning engine oil, avoid to use cheap lubricating oil to wait.

After Obd system occurrence breakdown repair in time. Annual car check is finite to controlling a car to discharge action. But after the car installed Obd completely different, it can monitor the platoon of the car to put a standard at any time. If once discharge,do not amount to mark, obd can issue a warning, the person that seasonable announcement drives goes repairing. Europe ⅲ uses Obd the most crucially namely.

(3) use oil correctly, use clean fuel.

(4) do not change car in disorder and bring about discharge unusual.

(5) choose " green tire " . Alleged " green tire " also call environmental protection tire or low pollution tire.

"Green " main watch is in now do not break its original and good below the case that stresses soil fertility expression, low instruction carries when tire rolls, reduce fuel to use up thereby discharge with car tail gas, protect an environment effectively. Going up early century 90 time, tire engineer discovers, if use the 2 oxidation silicon of special processing to replace what traditional carbon black regards tread as balata,fill strong data, the carcinogen such as the carbon black in can reducing tire not only and aromatic hydrocarbon oil wears away through tire and pollute air, at the same time tire scroll obstruction also is met decrescent, oily bad news is reduced, exhaust emission decreases, produce bigger environmental protection effect.

(6) car should discard as useless on time and update.

(7) reduce effect of the pollution inside the car. Do not be opposite at will undertake decorating inside the car; Need not inferior car holds perfume or air pure and fresh agent; Encounter block a car up badly, or follow when tail gas discharges a likelihood to exceed mark car travel, should close car window, move switch of air conditioning, warm wind mode circulates oneself inside the car; Often check bonnet and batholith flat, when discovery has waste gas leak inside the car, unfavorable open air conditioning, should not open air conditioning to sleep inside the car more, lest produce risk; Engulf of the meeting when air conditioning is being used is very much dirt, form bilge, time grows, hair mildew changes, repass air conditioning sends out to the car inside, on board inside very easy and inspiratory body, every other period of time, open air conditioning the biggest block, blow on half hours to be able to put an end to dust accumulation effectively; The attention takes away the article near the mouth that take energy of life, ensure airiness is normal etc.
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