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Attention! The car maintains should decide Cheng on time
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Ailment does not treat have a fracture of a serious illness

■ reporter of new wall bulletin pays beautiful trainee Ceng Jialiang

"My car exercise just 40 thousand much kilometer, how to maintain does upkeep costs want nearly 40 thousand yuan? " car advocate introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman appears it seems that because of engine recently a few abnormal knocking, go 4s inn undertakes maintenance, but go detecting inside dispatch a vehicle,hide a lot of wool are ill, the project that need maintenance changes is very much, upkeep costs nature is tall. Can occupy reporter understanding, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad before gentleman buys a car to rise to maintain freely besides 5000 kilometers oneself outside, the period of time that the others needs to maintain and kilometer number did not have been to 4s inn, come time is busier, 2 come he has all the time " protect in order to build generation " idea, until the last moment, do not enter 4s store.

"The daily care and maintenance that car decides Cheng on time is very crucial, as our body same, do not want ailment not to look, arrived have a fracture of a serious illness. " senior technician tells inn of sanded river of Guangzhou abundant cropland the reporter, it is very important that car maintains daily, alleged 3 minutes of maintenance are raised 7 minutes, if want not to spend big money, have to pay attention to daily attention, and do not maintain on time, parts excess load is run give an issue easily, did not maintain by the regulation, a few it is manufacturer guarantees originally the project inside limits cannot get manufacturer possibly also guarantee.

5000 kilometers must maintain

As we have learned, a lot of cars advocate have an error, think to go 4s inn maintains meet " be slaughtered " , but to street edge inn not quite be at ease, oneself do not have conserve major knowledge again, grasping move " protect in order to build generation " logistic, when ultimate car is protest with malfunctioning, go maintaining again, the Qian Ke that wants expenditure in those days can be common upkeep cost is severalfold, and still make he is in dangerous in.

According to inn of sanded river of Guangzhou abundant cropland senior technician introduces, according to environmental circumstance and model different, the car is average left and right sides of every 5000 kilometers needs to maintain. The main item cent of the examination is engine primary share, ignition system, fuel and exhaust control system, batholith and automobile body 4 chunk, the item that this 4 chunk inspect every 5000 kilometers is different, but footplate of engine oil, accumulator, apply the brake, apply the brake dish, brake fluid, clutch oil, power changes filter of fluid, tire, light, wiper, air conditioning to these projects maintain every time metropolis detect, belong to convention to detect, other items differ according to kilometer number and differ, but the item that the rule of comply with inspects this namely is much, the next time relatively a few less, among them it is more important that 40 thousand kilometer is with 80 thousand kilometer maintain period of time, except when clearance of leather belt, clutch pedal pad, fuel filter, valve does not need to detect outside, other need to detect.
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