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Avoid " 3 kill " search suitable car acoustics to maintain law
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Meet with the friend recently, talk about car acoustics this one topic. Friends say, car acoustics appears to maintain very hard, do not know from why to do it. Actually, car acoustics namely electric equipment product, according to electric equipment product maintain measure maintains, won't make mistake commonly.

Maintain at ordinary times car when, if can maintain incidentally acoustics, that has very great help naturally to prolonging the service life of acoustics. But, maintain not certain blame points to an acoustics to ravel will do maintain, because this one measure is not professional personage,can not do good certainly. Actually, acoustics serves as a kind of numerous electric equipment, also have the general character of a lot of electric equipment. Well-known, electric equipment product has 3 to be afraid of: Be afraid of moisture, 2 be afraid of dirt, 3 be afraid of acuteness shake. Acoustics also is such, want people to be able to make clear only what don't they like, protect them easily.

Above all, acoustics is afraid of moisture. The regular meeting when loving clean person is indoor to the car undertake cleaning, what should notice is, clean when people when the car is indoor, should not want as far as possible forward the liquid state material of and so on of the directional gush aspersion of acoustics, cleaner. There is dirt on acoustics lead plane, can use twist dry towel to undertake wiping. And, the car is indoor after cleaning, had better open a window for some time, car window is closed again after letting moisture of the much inside the car evaporate, want to know, the killer with the each part the oldest controller of electronic product is damp.

Next, acoustics is afraid of dirt. When your love the car is in on earthy road when travel, do not open a window as far as possible, in order to avoid a large number of dirt from the car is swarmed into outside the car inside, and, had better adjust the outer circulation of air conditioning for inside circularly, can avoid dirt so the enroach on to acoustics. Dirt is very common to the harm of car acoustics, for example the difficulty of disc of advance and retreat, difficulty that read dish is not to read dish even, still reception effect is disturbed etc, likely dirt enroach on is caused, because this wants special attention.

Finally, acoustics is afraid of acuteness shake. Although be in common travel procedure, of the car shake what won't cause acoustics main engine is acuteness shake (unless gave traffic accident) , but stem from some kind of reason occasionally, people need tears open acoustics come down, was about to notice at that time, do not exert oneself to do sth. rock or flap acoustics. Because had sufferred acuteness after shaking, acoustics interior has some of component to may appear to become loose or damage, cause catastrophe failure. Generally speaking, although reciprocity needs the acoustics leader of maintenance, want to take the way that takes put down gently gently.
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