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Reason of trend of the person that buy a car saves oil and service to make a foc
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Olympic Games heavy curtain falls, the car city of cold and cheerless welcomes new chance. Reduce as the small consumption tax that discharge an amount, of personalized plate carry out, each car look forward to places a hope in succession at city of the following in September car, accordingly, this year " Jin Jiuyin 10 " into aiguille hour. And take the market to win, many manufacturer took rich sale step, according to reporter observation, item oil and service battle solemn to depreciate after sales promotion the 2nd sell a site.

   Cost rises to did not stop car price drops

Inside global limits, one raises tide of the upward trend of prices on brought car price to had come over because of raw material price: Abundant cropland car raises the car that is in Japan and lorry price 16 years first, day produces Reynolds group already premonitory raise price 2% - 3% , be in the United States, BMW car afterwards price is raised again after June 2.1% .

Contrary, although global car price bullish, be risen likewise by standard of equivalence of rolled steel, balata, oil price the domestic car city of the influence, depreciate agitation has however perform Yue Liezhi situation more. Because domestic car city is added first half of the year fast put delay, today summerly sales volume is more gloomy, enter the 3rd, four quarters, each manufacturer should appear on the market for next year new car not only obligate price space, at the same time by force of clear capital of inventory, steam again and consumer hold money to wait for buy wait for pressure, can foreknow this " Jin Jiuyin 10 " depreciate sales promotion big fight is sure more miserable intense.

  Oily bad news considers a focal point into consumer

After afterwards price war, manufacturer begins to make an oily fight now. See not hard, chinese oil price rises of the passageway open, the enterprise blow of the old to production car that discharge an amount is not small, many enterprises begin transition to produce gold to discharge quantity and small capacity vehicle.

The reporter understands, this year October, a of general motors compact model car -- Xue Folan Cruze(Keluci) will exhibit in Parisian car go up to appear first. General motors president holds presiding apparitor concurrently to cover with tiles case accept expresses, this investment what 500 million dollar makes is new article, will " gain consumer and market share by right of fuel economy " .

And according to message of CCTV economy channel, ford car also is producing his the product line of the large model that discharge an amount undertake changing one's costume or dress, preparative transition produces the small car that discharge an amount, in order to answer the condition with current rising oil price.

Domestic car manufacturer also expresses to produce the key the small model that discharge an amount in succession. Notable is, manufacturer of domestic own brand already in succession hold a memorial ceremony for gives small-sized car a magic weapon, begin to answer prospective situation ahead of schedule. This among them with Biyadi F09 appears on the market 2 days month for the delegate, pull open small-sized car big fight.
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