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Foreground of conserve car industry is valued
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In recent years, shenzhen car is truckload sale with average 20% above rate rises, predict Shenzhen car retains this year the quantity will break through 1.5 million, the sale of automobile articles for use that covers suitably to it also is sure to become " gold " the market. However the near future, of car city low fan make industry of car conserve product also appears anything that misleads people is heavy, car conserve things is sold whether become the profit point of growth with new company to grow the central point that went down to become attention steadily continuously.

Be in industry conformity phase

Car conserve and hairdressing things market are after the development that experienced 10 years, the good and bad are intermingled of current situation it may be said. Zhang Jiaoling of general manager of limited company of careful chemical industry of humble of Shenzhen city power Er ever expressed: ?0 of  of  of 8 Cong tan1huan4 develops for years, car conserve and hairdressing use moral course of study or a burgeoning property. Country and relevant management department, guild has not establish perfect occupation standard and administrative standard to this industry, cause this trade enter a doorsill relatively inferior. The enterprise no matter size, technology no matter standard, product no matter function, want to find to sell a site only, no matter disable effectively, dare exaggerate of loud cry out, misdirect consumer. Accordingly, inside narrow industry range, partial enterprise is in of short-term profit drive under, enter simple attention very quickly the trade that product of effect of price competition, exaggerated product, negligence reduces product cost immanent quality, one-sidedly is encircled quite in, in last few years such phenomenal common occurance. So, a lot of enterprises went down, again a lot of enterprises came in, the enterprise that theres is no lack of to topple because of problem of product occurrence quality among them, change his appearance to enter this industry afresh again. Aggravate of this kind of vicious circle the phenomenon of this industry the good and bad are intermingled " .

The reporter understands, it is at present in whole industry, besides have relatively famous a few businesses that spent abroad does conserve things, home's very much small company also is beginning emerge in large numbers, "Especially of Guangzhou always blessing road, have company of a lot of diminutive, their low-cost, quality is good also. Everybody is in now share of market of race to control, the phase that whole industry still also is in a conformity " , manager of thunder of company of articles for use of automobile of course of study of Shenzhen city great tells a reporter.

New profit point of growth

Automobile industry has made one of system of our country industry main component at present, and the industry of car conserve things that is linked together cheek by jowl with auto industry, be in 5 years of in the past, overall dimensions is in with annual the rate of 30% rises. Industry of car conserve things is the sunny industry with an infinite foreground, this had reached consensus inside course of study.
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