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Real case explains market of vehicle maintenance and repair for you 8 great shad
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Begin from geometry, authority of dimension of vehicle maintenance and repair also resembles an outfit allowing broad car euqally advocate " the whole people all arms " . As a result of the car advocate to the car so a big mechanical understanding is limited, in maintaining a course often water of a mist. The shady deal that how is to put in process of vehicle maintenance and repair after all? Reporter specially is integrated in recent years a few complain case, allow broad car advocate a variety of inside story that friends know vehicle maintenance and repair further.

Whether has your love car also encountered same treatment however muddy like that not know the inside story? Then you can want to polish in maintaining a course oneself eye.

Inside story of a plot one: Old fittings of perpetrate a fraud is filled new

Beautiful heavy gold changed new fittings, the result discovers those who change however, it is another old fittings actually. From disappear assist case looks, the car of consumer yellow young lady produces traffic postaccident, maintenance of some cropland inn goes before, after the course is checked, the car puts forward to want to change all right wave box, collect fees 1700 yuan. After maintaining good car, in washing a car, miss Huang discovers the car goes innocently and did not change for accident car brand-new wave box, complain to consumer committee then. In Consumer's Committee investigation, the car says to appear all right this kind of circumstance, because installation maintains a worker to mix spare parts in,basically be old inside, cause used old fittings to maintain car for Miss Huang. After the event, although coordinate go back money via concerning an unit, and to the car advocate had pair of times compensation.

But the phenomenon of this kind of perpetrate a fraud actually not scarce, the reporter also received the newspaper stuff of reader square young lady a few days ago, call its the near future in large market inn of some cropland 4s encounters situation of perpetrate a fraud as much. Square young lady is damaged by box of the end after the person traces remaining part and causing car, because square at that time young lady is,had talked things over under the counter with cause trouble driver, by this driver upkeep costs of young lady of direct compensate credit side. After talking things over, square young lady gave box of the end after 4s inn changes the amount that compensate of the other side pays directly. Maintain end hind a few days, square young lady just reminds next discovery in the friend that is engaged in maintenance, actually oneself just change hind end box is actually old, and it is a rehabilitate those who pass is old! At this moment square young lady just returns maintenance station theory, classics investigation discovers after, it is this inn after maintenance technician is good the fittings rehabilitate that inventory damages in explicit carriage process with old fill new clothes to arrive on the car of square young lady. The car says this is maintenance technician all right the mistake on working flow, attribute individual action of the staff member, but it is a car really travel is wrong and prevenient, according to the car advocate requirement, return upkeep costs sum to the car advocate.
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