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The service life that prolongs car and drive skill
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Be familiar with road state

In each operating mode of engine, low speed, big negative charge is most of bad news oil. And in the travel on urban road, car multichannel is crowded, often need to start jockey, make car is in casual between consumed many fuel more. Because this is in,go out every time before travel, the person that drive should make a plan of good drive a vehicle, understand situation of place classics viatic, avoid to pass busy a section of a highway in traffic fastigium as far as possible, lest block a car up and waste fuel and time for nothing. Even if the drive a vehicle of a section of a highway that is familiar with in oneself, the road that also should listen to traffic broadcasting station at any time besides report, know newest traffic information, those who hold drive a vehicle is smooth.

Correct shift gears

To save fuel, do not make engine runs with needless high rotate speed when travel, should hang as far as possible block travel high, hang when engine movement is not smooth only low block.

When the limousine that provides automatic transmission case is quickened, answer to step accelerator footplate slow, do not step on footplate to change low block the position, gear-box chooses program of economic shift gears, hang ahead of schedule block high, lag is changed low block, reduce fuel to use up thereby.

Avoid is fierce cheer fierce brake

Be being cheered correctly is " green " the key of the operation. When cheering, want to step put down gently gently, avoid by all means walks suddenly to step suddenly, not occupied do not have a thing accelerator of banging a few feet, this kind of habit is the worst. When daily urban road drive a vehicle, generally speaking rate is slower, advancing with the car middling has stand, wait, at this moment a few commonner prevent others artificially " jump the queue " and fierce cheer fierce brake, such actually accident of very incidental collision, more go against environmental protection.

High speed travel does not drive window

When drive a vehicle of long-distance high speed, the resistance of drive a vehicle that causes because of place of air air current already very big, if be hit again,drive right now window, criterion air current wallop not only can cause bodywork flabby, also meet more excessive consumption of fuel and oil, car window had better be closed as far as possible when high speed travel so, with noise of bring down travel and wind resistance, also reduced oily cost so.

Maintain middling speed travel as far as possible

Be like the 4 travel of 3 / with top speed, compare with top speed photograph, oily bad news can reduce 50 % . Every kinds of model has rate of its first-rate economy, bring total rate namely. Large car is horary 35~45 kilometer commonly, small-sized car is horary 60 kilometers left and right sides, start mechanic to make the most relaxed, economy right now, combustion is the most sufficient, pollution is the least.
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