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The 10 big risk of easy oversight in process of drive a vehicle
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1, go up in the road of a 3 driveway, when you from left the car before surmounting (the bypath in be located in) when answering the driveway intermediate, there is a car from the back with rapidder rate from on the right side of overtake and a bit before merge into at you intermediate driveway, if you look only in front or rearview mirror, your car head brushs the car end of the other side with respect to possible horizontal stroke. Because the rate when two cars overtake is very rapid, too close down to is apart from to have not enough time to react when discovery. The city that this kind of cut brushs the risk that meet and similar case to often happen in much driveway is fast on the road, car much rate is rapid, a lot of cars string together overtake back and forth. Be absorbed in a bit, not as good as the others is incidental danger.

Paralytic index: 6 dangerous indexes: 6

Proposal: Need be observant and alert, ear listens all directions. To the novice criterion " enemy besiege myriad is heavy, I am not moved from imposing " .

2, the enough of two side column of cab holds off pedestrian of a bicycle. Same, inside the car in rearview mirror also can differ degree keep out is right below 45 degrees of line of sights. In the downtown with the crossroad that does not have red light or person jumbly car, the target is more make attention dispersive, the pedestrian enters blind angle of line of sight to discover very hard.
Paralytic index: 3 dangerous indexes: 3

Measure: Speed wants slow so that enough time observes everywhere, want to attach most importance to a dot to observe an object with 3 blind angle, wag one's head, gaze around.

3, be in narrower street (especially 4 driveway) when be being taken via jockeying by the side of pass by, because major car sticks film to treat the condition in not clear car, should note a careless person in right car when you are passed people open the door suddenly. These roads basically are small street or be in a village, piece finish sth but not quite good reasonable oh. Compensate the door is bagatelle, handle does damage can not be sportive!

Paralytic index: 4 dangerous indexes: 4

Measure: Decelerate, cry flute, walk as far as possible among.

4, overtake following a car is a kind of common phenomenon, general before conference take the air line when car overtake other cars on the road is easy, such can superabundant impact among two cars. But when on come when the car is very fast, the car is met before hurriedly urgent abduct get on your air in overtake path. Do not have a road to be able to escape with respect to meeting around left and right sides at this moment. More dangerous is, the car compares you before big circuit, the car will cannot see you on, when advanced car overtake on come the car begins quicken instead. This kind of circumstance happens in contact more on the rustic highway of two driveway. My Ceng Youyi second similar experience, two cars are in skid in 3 meters or so finally, my car driver syares blankly at once 10 more than second, did not have an accident fortunately.
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