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The lash-up of 5 kinds of problems in travel is handled
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Now, the person that can drive is increasing, but should know a car truly but difficult. Car travel may appear at any time during transit various problems, drive the person is noticing to maintain at ordinary times while oneself love a car, also want to master a few necessary breakdown identifying to handle ability, ability is unapt when the problem appears hurry-scurry.

1. Because wash car or ford hind, when efficiency of apply the brake is being brought about to reduce into water inside brake, can step on footplate of solar term door at the same time in move, step on footplate of apply the brake appropriately at the same time, in hanging transmission, block move block, let wheel brake chafe piece or brake pad (disk brake) be roused with apply the brake or apply the brake dish the quantity of heat that the moisture that go up produces because of attrition evaporates quickly, with restoring brake as soon as possible original function.

2. When car rear wheel becomes flat, can make car end sways, can relapse at this moment delay steps on footplate of apply the brake, make reach of car centre of gravity, next again the car slowly halt. The car that general rear wheel becomes flat, majority won't be brought about turn to out of control, as long as measure is proper, cause an accident not easily.

3. In boil of cistern of the engine in travel road, because the car is long,be commonly lard door is low blocking travel, refrigeration is boiler circulation not free, radiator comes loose hot not the reason such as beautiful causes. Can park the car a little while at this moment, wait for engine cistern refrigeration to go again, but ten million cannot be irrigated with water drop in temperature, cause scamper crock easily in that way.

4. Drop when engine power, when oily cost raises and companion has appearance of Mao La smoke, probable it is the works such as engine piston plain bearing liner appears wear away, destroyed cooperate clearance normally. Can use engine to exceed strong rehabilitate agent at this moment, it can effectively rehabilitate wears away clearance, increase the sealing between piston annulus air cylinder can, can administer crock pressing to reduce thereby, inadequacy developing interest, motivation is abate phenomenon, rapid balance crock is pressed, reduce high speed to shake, reduce oily cost.

5. In travel process the car does not have oil. At this moment also need not anxious, because the oil in gasoline tank is used impossibly neatly. The lower end can is in charge of to receive the plastic pipe with appropriate accident of a paragraph of degree of finish in the oil absorption of crude oil box. After plastic pipe has been received with can bottom of gasoline tank of bring into contact with is advisable, and want lower end of will plastic pipe cut inclined mouth. The oil plants that is about to use remaining next finds gas station as soon as possible.
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