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German foil fact pats Ao Di TT-C
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When the author just began to see this AUDI TTC, sheet understands this to still think from literal " C " the model of series is merely changed the outward appearance " Coupe " , but the fact is endless like that: Forum of library of graph of Ao Di TT() (graph library forum) C this car is England change one's costume or dress company Niche pursues according to Ao Di R8(library forum) (graph library forum) design a style and design, add the height that installed Elibach Pro adjustable and pensile, can reduce front overhang and rear overhang respectively 25 with 20 millimeter. 2 litres of engine after improved electron system can output 265 horsepower motivation, instinct of 3.2 litres of edition achieves 285 horse power, in European market the price of this car is controlled in 30 thousand pound. If the client has special demand, still can offer edition of 3.2 litres mechanical pressure boost, its can achieve 500 horse power most high-power.

The TTC that the author puts below is the TTC model of a 3.2L Quattro, although this car mixes the other side of eliminate exterior,TT Coupe does not have common edition how old distinction, but this car is unique still: Because this car is the TTC model that sells on German market only, in home this TTC has this one only. Connect the exterior match colors of this car even, in home also be peerless.
Car picture

Come from the exterior say, TTC this model most the ala deciding wind of this be in even if comes out more at the back of the buttock black of extraordinary, the automobile body of the yellow on collocation, appear special spirit.

Car picture Car picture

Car picture Car picture

The shock power that the integral exterior effect of TTC gives a person is very strong, this greatly what it uses profit from " yellow - black " match colors plan. Be based on height adjustable and pensile system and the hub of special design, after passing car ground level to change processing surround also be in bottom of the heart of the person that watch beforehand matting " the car is feral " subconscious. After when it the engine of that 3.2L is started, the motivation with constant in a steady stream can be passed " Quattro " the system transmits 4 wheels to go up, although cannot be accomplished " leap onto roofs and vault over walls " , but this feral " gecko " accomplish go up in highway " walk fast " simple like as easy as winking however.
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