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Rules of safety of nightly drive a vehicle
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  Notice road condition

If can choose, the first selection of nightly drive a vehicle still is a freeway. The biggest trouble that brings because of the night is the obstacle on the vision, what we worry most is not his car, however the road outside the car besides. So, the freeway of whole sealing is the first selection of nightly drive a vehicle undoubtedly, it discharged the trouble back at home with road not ripe condition not only, and the lamplight that the segregation belt among the road still prevents the car opposite side effectively to be shot.

If do not have a choice, if the country that can visit to did not close only or the province, so be about to control speed strictly, add space following a car, preparation jockeys at any time. In the drive a vehicle in the city, want to notice the pedestrian from left and across driveway. Especially the street lamp on road of our country town is in almost road two side, the light is very dark near road center line, this kind of circumstance falls to should notice more. On the road that does not close, nightly overtake also is a quite critical issue, not be be forced to do had better not overtake. Even if is must overtake, also be sure to keep in mind to want case of accurate ascertain ahead, affirm the condition is mature, again the car before follow-up alternates continuously lamplight of far and near, cooperate with the horn when necessary, premonitory before the car avoids let, before decide the car already gave way truly when allowing to surmount, can overtake. Answer to increase a workshop to be apart from appropriately in overtake.

Additional, in nightly travel, obstacle of a few road and signal lamp of road construction directive also are need is careful all the more. In dark a sector of an area, road condition is not easy when differentiate is clear, must decelerate. Be in danger wants section, should jockey examine, make clear advance again after the circumstance. Line of sight of nightly drive a vehicle group of undesirable, logic is not clear, often make car deviate normal exercise contrail or encounter accident circumstance to take step not as good as. The person that drive should reduce driving speed, in order to increase observation, decision-making with the time that makes response.

   Notice the use of lamplight

Nightly drive a vehicle, light is indispensable auxiliary tool. Using on, want to notice not to open fog lamp and headlight along with all the others not only (if connect switch fog lamp to be done,not be clear about, that still sees use manual first) , how is understanding used and alternate even lamplight. In nightly travel, if speed is in,30 kilometers should use dipped headlight when / hour is the following, the lamplight below regular state can be illuminated give 30 meters beyond. And speed is when above of hour of 30 kilometers / , should use headlights on full beam, lamplight must be illuminated give 100 meters beyond. When passing roundabout, should be in be apart from crossing 50 ~ are in decelerate 100 meters, turn into headlights on full beam dipped headlight, at the same time open changes the lamp to signal advancing direction.
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