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Drive sitting position how safer seat position is improper influence line of sig
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Before the very much person that drive is driving, go ahead of the rest of oversight of classics regular meeting adjusts the position of seat of the person that drive. Actually, drive correctly the security that the pose can protect the person that drive effectively, if seat position is improper, with respect to meeting influence driver line of sight is mixed hold the sensitivity that accuse, cause traffic accident even, injure oneself and another person.

Because this drives,the first thing before should adjust the height of good driver seat namely. Correct seat height should adjust the line of sight of the person that drive to won't be held off by steering wheel, can see all important appearance and street sign clearly. After the height that adjusts good seat, adjust the around position of seat even. Answer to rely on hip backward as far as possible above all, arrive in order to support between cushion and the back of the chair best, can make oneself sit firmlier so, won't rock. Sit firm later the position that should note one helper, foot, put right-hand man in steering wheel respectively 9 with the position 3 o'clock, cannot leave the back of the chair in order to let his back right now, if leave, state you sit too after leaning, must seat forth move. Additionally two tactics wants appreciably to bend, such in case when producing an accident, can bump force effectively dispersedly, avoid force to be centered in the arm on each joint.

In addition, when the position of or so foot wants to stepping on footplate after all, still must can make the leg maintains bend. If your pedal after all when, two legs are the circumstance of unbend, before must pulling seat a bit. Notable is, do not let knee top be in turn to column to go up, want to maintain certain distance, can make footwork is affected otherwise, make response not timely.

Safety belt is a very effective safe facilities, alleviate effectively the person's forward momentum. Safety belt also has its department way, the position that the safety belt inside average now car pulls down can be adjusted normally. Proper place is adjust its do not use when safety belt when, lean in B column and of as identical as eye ministry or about the same height locally. Buckle when safety belt so after going up, just meet just from the bosom before, clavicle is passed, once happen,bump, unapt make wallop too center in a certain position, and injure a passenger.

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