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And drive abusive say good-bye
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Does car of evening party of machine of edge hatchet man, night drive not to close headlights on full beam by the side of, be in in zebra crossing not comity pedestrian... these violate the rules and regulations in driving daily behavior and undesirable habit do you have? Be in China as the car of the society gain ground, driving person is increasing, but just about a few look be like little detail, caused menace to traffic order and safety. Although drive,the car fastens the limitation that go up without the gender, but the car of different sexual distinction advocate have greatly however on safety of drive a vehicle different. For instance, although of the female attentive the safety factor that makes drive rises greatly, but the female waits for a characteristic as a result of disposition, profession, hobby, driving the meeting in car process has love to wear high-heeled shoes, comb long hair abusive. And relatively at the lady, the man drives relatively careless, be about the safe problem on more attention detail.

Common saying says, detail decides success or failure. Apply mechanically is driving on, all sorts of little detail concern the whole process of safe drive a vehicle. Say for detail, because be ignored very easily,be, because ignore,be, ability can bring about unfortunate happening. So, since the first day when learn a car, you answer nurturance drives well habit. Here, remind you to drive dangerously under the attention abusive. Outside giving head sound car window

Risk factor: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

When some men drive outside window of car of smell of very possible gangmaster, it is to look merely outside " scenery " . Can you be you know? Outside car window giving head sound in you flashy, if happen to sail,come over a car? Or fast travel wears your Che Zhengfei, if the head of smell is blown go up in wayside branch... the head that provides oneself, outside letting window of its smell car. Fasten busy shave beard

Risk factor: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Some cars advocate the likelihood is to save time, like the right hand to holding steering wheel, left hand takes electric razor shave beard. Perhaps be to go to work fast was late, get up late, had not enough time, no matter anyhow is what reason, such doing is too dangerous really, once emergency is encountered on the road, because your train of thought has a half to be in " make up " on, can affect the sensitivity that you react; In the meantime, with two hands that will drive " partake " went out, behavioral flexibility called a discount again. No matter you stem from what reason, when driving must not shave beard. Keep back a craving for tobacco does not smoke

Risk factor: ★ of ★ ★ ★

The truth that does not drive after wine is well-known, respecting drinks won't little smoking, especially men often are both all provide. When some men drive, smoke, mental system appears temporary excitement, then causes the effect of paralytic consciousness, reduce physiology function, unresponsive, absentminded, the operation is maladjusted, the body is unwell. In the meantime, inside the car full of smoke, stimulate an eye, influence line of sight. The mobile phone does not hold a bag in
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