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Drive the 10 big dangerous hour in the process
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"Safety first " the topic that is a platitude, the traffic accident that can appear again and again everyday in fact proves the value of this topic again. Drive the thing that safety is not driver individual, involve the family of the person of all contacts and everybody. The article is listed drive the dangerous hour that process middling encounters, will remind you to notice drive a vehicle is safe.

One, string together often

In the city especially the car on link line is much, a lot of cars are strung together back and forth for overtake. When you from left the car before surmounting merges into when intermediate driveway, on the right side of there is a car to also be quickened likewise inside driveway to intermediate driveway and line, and compare you merge into a bit quickly driveway. If you are absorbed in so that notice the car after surmounting, or etc see on the right side of when the car that comes has not enough time to react, want the car of the other side on loiter extremely likely.

Answer: To the novice, before doing not have adept trick-cycling, had better not string together often. Even if old driver, also want be observant and alert when drive, ear listens all directions, always prepare to answer sudden state.

2, grab

Your travel is on the road of a two-way driveway, in you on the right side of have a car, look for an opportunity to surmount you all the time. At this moment, the driveway opposite side leaves come a car. This is a moment that has risk extremely, if rushed quickly, with on the right side of car refuse to budge, encountered actually come from on and on the right side of the converging attack of two cars.

Answer: Driving oneself should leave enough whirly space in the process, decelerate, let on the right side of car overtake. Driving is not violent wind speed, safety puts the first place.

3, overtake following a car

Overtake of the car before following is very common phenomenon on the road, below normal circumstance, take the air line of the conference when overtake, you follow at the back natural can subsequently overtake. Can become on have come when the car, the car can quicken urgent abduct suddenly before and, such criterion your park danger locally. Especially before car big when, held off you completely, when the car on sees you, had left danger very close.

Answer: Should consider first before overtake with on come the speed of the likelihood that the car encounters, the other side and by overtake speed, after be sure again overtake. If on the car sails come or by overtake when speed is faster, had better not overtake. In the meantime, the car exceeds before when the car, do not follow overtake other cars on the road.

4, open the door suddenly

Though drive now know with what take a car, jockey on the driveway when wanting to get off, open that side door that is far from driveway as far as possible, before opening the door, look first from the back have a car to sail come, after affirmatory safety, reopen door gets off. But what one cannot say for sure has carelessness is abrupt open door, those who let you avoid is not urgent, door of crack up the other side, implicative get off the person is contused.
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