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Make when stranding must not maintain forcedly drive
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Weather is heated up gradually, complete province drives because of exhaustion on the freeway caused traffic accident is apparent grow in quantity. Recently, the reporter saves freeway policeman total fleet to understand from Zhejiang, 5, two 6 months sail because of exhausted excuse me caused traffic accident already brought about 55 people to die, occupy die that month the 60% above of the number. The number that this makes the person is anxious gives broad car friend to ring alarm bell noisy.

High speed policeman introduces, exhaustion drives to point to commonly drive the person drives more than 8 hours everyday, perhaps be engaged in other work physical strength been use up big or Morpheus is insufficient, in drive a vehicle of as a result Mondayish drowse, limply, cannot discover the illegal act with situation of transportation of accurate processing road surface in time. Enter in July, weather heated, air temperature lifts gradually, the driver makes more easily also tired, the circumstance that drives fatigue car on the freeway also is met somewhat grow in quantity. Once the driver drives when Mondayish drowse, consequence is unimaginable.

   A drowse, 3 cars interlink bumps

Accident scene: Controlled at 2 o'clock on June 27 afternoon, stage of another name for Ningbo is lukewarm 164 kilometers handle way of freeway peaceful wave (4 kilometers are exported south stage city too namely) the accident that produces 3 cars interlink one case to trace remaining part. Receive after calling the police, high speed patrols the policeman hurried to the spot instantly, right now, 3 cars stop in overtake to, the person on the car left a car. Vehicular traffic is urgent avoid letting, policeman immediately closed to exceed driveway, shunt-wound department high speed rescues them car when spot processing.

To the driver in the policeman Xie Mou is done when noting, xie Mou recalled the case at that time. Xie Mou drives the sedan of license plate of a lukewarm city, leaving to opening tired meaning to come up. "Eyelid is about to close at that time. " Xie Mou says, wait to see suddenly in front two cars stop on driveway, step on brake to had had not enough time, can look at car dash against helplessly only a car in front. Later, bump force tremendously to give another car in front again bumped.

Classics policeman is preliminary understanding, two cars that are hit stop in overtake to, because a passenger car is in before at that time,be bifurcate mouth changes lane suddenly, do not have out of control of the car after thinking of.

The policeman reminds: Meet sultry weather, the person of this paragraph of time midday makes more easily tired, have the driver that siesta is used to especially, driving for long in the process, more easy and fatigue. Summer should run high-speed driver, want to had rested in the evening before today, do not stay up late, full spirit must maintain before dispatch a vehicle. In travel process, if oneself feel some are tired, should play high speed in time or enter service division to rest, rest a short while, drowsiness of additional physical power, drive.
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