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Did you notice overtake blind area
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Say to drive want be observant and alert, but a lot of moment because the reason of road condition or other vehicle, car friend gets in the line of sight when overtake keep out, appeared blind area, and cause an accident more easily. Accordingly, we through seeking advice a few old drivers are mixed drive the coach is car friend people when summary gives a few kinds of overtake appear easily the circumstance of blind area, hope car friend can notice when overtake encounters these situations, prevent traffic accident.

  Borrow overtake

 Be careful on come car

Ms. Che Youwang has urgent matter to drive the old home below return to one's native place. Because an accommodation train held off outlet, ms. Wang follows the car before her to change overtake. Unexpectedly, the clingy accommodation train after the Che Chao in front crosses accommodation train hit the driveway of right, at this moment Ms. Wang sees a photograph opposite side rushing to her to the car of travel, right has a car to cannot change again, be forced scram, just prevented an accident one case by good luck.

Be in commonly two-way when accommodation train is being encountered on the road of two driveway only, the car before following an overtake says to Che Youlai is a comfortable thing, because do a need to follow the car in front so, exceed accommodation train, changed to go together accordingly again. But the car is friendly people whether had thought, when overtake following a car, if on the car sails quickly come, the car in front is urgent before the car to accommodation train, and follow retrospective car friend is possible because of the line of sight by before car place is blocked cannot go ahead of the rest takes step. Before the car is urgent after, the car on appears suddenly in at the moment, and the driveway on the right side of is held off by the car again, this is very incidental the accident of barge against of two cars directly.

  Overtake is collateral

Pedestrian of advertent west the front

Foliaceous master is begin to hold the position of a driver to groom 8 years ago old driver of the coach. Drive in in the road that come home, because be the same as,pass to the speed of a van of travel slow, he from left forcibly overtake. In exceed van while, a pedestrian that ride a bicycle is in leap up suddenly to go out from van car head, foliaceous master has not enough time brake, run down cyclist, led to traffic accident one case.

When in overtake two cars are in and seniority sails, because speed is fast, car distance is close, belong to the tall danger period of time of overtake. Right now, if be exceeded car discovers a circumstance and abrupt towards the left avoids the car after be being brought about easily to be squeezed, believe most car friend at this o'clock to notice in the metropolis when overtake. But of easy oversight is, hind the car is advanced of the car left hind side, right now on the right side of viatic if have pedestrian cross highway, the car after the pedestrian is mixed cannot see each other, the car sees somebody traverses before highway one brake, the car before the car just exceeds after, the pedestrian just also came out before the car once upon a time, because speed is fast, tragedy happened with respect to hard to avoid.
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