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Drive the secret recipe that save oil
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☆ lets an embryo approach the level that keeps proper

If fetal pressing is too low will relatively excessive consumption of fuel and oil, because this needs,often check fetal pressing. The embryo that accords with formulary requirement is pressed can reduce oily cost 3.3 percent.

☆ is decreased to your car negative

Overweight car is met when travel more excessive consumption of fuel and oil. Accordingly as far as possible clear empty boot, should not store mothball box room, be not essential thing not to pile buy car inside.

☆ does not drive too fierce

After jockeying, fierce step on the gas starts, exert all one's strength car stepping on 剎 and urgent quicken these behavior to be able to increase fuel use up.

☆ is hanged as far as possible block high

Low block travel to be able to waste more energy, driving so after when the hand uses the car of transmission, in speed stability comes down, answer to be changed in time block high, and drive mode answers when the car of automatic transmission.

☆ is used decide fast cruise

On flat road surface the choice decides fast cruise to be able to rise to save oily purpose, but on abrupt landform law of this one party is not is most economic practice.

☆ lets your car keep clean

Often wash car and wax to the car can reduce wind resistance, can improve fuel economy consequently.

☆ avoids to make a car long idle fast

The car when engine idling also should consume fuel. If possible sentence, in jockey when awaiting as far as possible engine flameout do not let it turning all the time.

☆ uses air conditioning less as far as possible

Air conditioning can consume a lot of fuel. And the car window that opening two side can reduce wind resistance, be in so encounter the window should open when the travel that block a car up is slow, and in air conditioning of the reopen when high speed travel. (The window leaves to be able to increase resistance when high speed travel)

Quicken again after ☆ warming-up

After movement of engine low temperature should lift than temperature, move more excessive consumption of fuel and oil, when just activationing so, be not quickened immediately and quicken again.

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