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Tell you what drive skill is insecure
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Fast shift gears, neutral glides wait for these driving method, in average car advocate looking is again normal did not pass, but some drive means has not fitted the model with technical higher now content, a few old old habit should change changed.

Fast shift gears

Fast shift gears does not have a fault, the key is a lot of cars advocate start to begin shift gears, and the car that often reachs the more advocate have this more bad mistake, think to be able to save oil and good to engine, actually this is wrong habit. Every car has the rotate speed of referenced shift gears, should increase accelerator to make car reachs certain rotate speed again shift gears, and the design of engine is worth generally as reference with high rotate speed now, if shift gears of low rotate speed cooperates bad, easy flameout mixes car quiver.

Neutral travel

Upsurge in oil price today, using neutral travel to achieve the goal that save oil is a car advocate commonly used gimmick, no matter be blocked automatically,still be the hand is moved actually block traffic, neutral glides to won't save oil not only, cause serious consequence likely instead. The car is major now it is to use system of electronic fuel spray, and stem from safe consideration, manufacturer is in at the beginning of it is to take no account of neutral to glide of this one circumstance, leaving car in neutral condition actually so is to attribute the locomotive position with normal blame. At this moment clutch, gear also is met aggravate wears away, so not only cannot save fuel, still can bury next hidden trouble to safety of drive a vehicle.

Half separation and reunion

When you just learned to drive, most is step on clutch after all, loosen slowly next. The car that can be a few adroitness advocate think to start take time so, often hang block, jockey with condition of half separation and reunion or start, time grew to be able to quicken the ageing of clutch. When half clutch, of its clutch advocate rotor and be in by rotor chairman time slight attrition condition, can make clutch calorific, generation high temperature makes clutch damages. Still can quicken what wait for a component to pressing plate, detached bearing to wear away at the same time. Car advocate had better not lazy, step on clutch after all as far as possible.

Too tortuous path takes stop a machine by cutting off the power

The decelerate when too tortuous path is absolute safety drives, can be a lot of cars advocate in liking to take course of apply the brake to tortuous path, should step on brake before entering a turn actually, enter the step on the gas after the turn. Brake walks when too tortuous path, the brake that can make around is controlled wears away level is different, when time grew to be able to bring about car apply the brake, quiver, influence car balances a gender. If direction and strength of apply the brake control unreasonable word, still can cause an accident reason
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