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5 simple and practical with car small key
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Small method one: Eliminate rain to blow implement piece shake and noise: The clearance shift that be in each joint with forceps and places oak film part is little, won't shake, also won't have noise.

Small method 2: Prolong the service life of bulb: Wipe bulb with alcohol, the dactylogram that eliminates bulb to go up and smeary OK.

Small method 3: Reduce tire noise: Prevent front-wheel drive inside cloth of a black felt or flannelette are stuck on fender.

Small method 4: Start the simple processing that the car shakes in the morning: Individual crock job is bad, spiracle is shut lax, high speed runs on running is a method. Also can be in 3 block or 4 block on high rotate speed runs a little while more, the result is same.

Small method 5: It is good before to feel brake is inferior to with: When waiting for red light, use step on a few foot brake energetically.

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