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The summer uses general knowledge of car air conditioning
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Sorching summer, the intense heat of summer is intolerable, the person suffers heatstroke easily, system of car air conditioning is same also, frequent use is very incidental breakdown. Chang'an Ford solves your untimely needs in the light of the examination activity of air conditioning system, eliminate breakdown in budding condition.

① leaves park time in burning sun circumstance like the car longer, air conditioning is not used immediately after car is started, open all car window first, the outer circulation that start, go to steam eduction, after waiting for the temperature inside railroad car to drop, close car window again, open air conditioning.

② jockeys below condition, time of use air conditioning shoulds not be too long, toxic with avoiding chroma of the carbon monoxide inside the car to lift.

③ cannot pile up around empty v a place with a draught article, in case gas outlet is blocked up, cause suffocate suffocate of airiness of air conditioning system.

④ puts out air conditioning in before reaching destination a few minutes, later open nature wind, make air conditioning conduit relatively dry, because moisture causes the breed of a large number of mould,avoid.

System of ⑤ air conditioning should notice cleanness, proposal travel is full 20000 kilometers perhaps change 1 year air conditioning filter.

⑥ change garments according to the season the first time when use air conditioning, need undertakes antiseptic processing, in order to eliminate the peculiar smell inside the car, protection takes personnel health.

Came on May 24 on June 8, chang'an Ford car is open theme " to the top of one's bent cool and refreshing, chang Shuang one summer " system of summertime air conditioning, cooling system detects freely activity. If your air conditioning has a problem, can go there undertake free overhaul.

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