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The novice drives convenient skill of as oily as the province be satisfactory to
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From drove school graduate to be taken this, after the true start off that buy a car, have to " learn to drive in drive " . To just from " a group of things with common features " rise for " have car a group of things with common features " for people, beyond those skill that teach besides the master, how to get used to the new thing that those had not touched when learning a car as soon as possible, matter to safety to drive not only, also conduce to the car that keeps good besides, especially OK and managing with oil. The experience of integrated expert and old driver, the following is particularly notable.

Discharge the changeover that discharges oneself from the hand

At present most person is in those who drive school study is the hand is moved block, and go to the lavatory to often can choose to be blocked automatically with save labour considering what use when buying a car. Do not think learning is a hand the platoon leaves to resemble from the platoon is to use be used to mechanical camera reoccupy is goofy camera is so simple and relaxed, before start off with must do a few new study jobs.

Drive skill -- , by arrive simply complex

Drive the car of automatic transmission needs to will be blocked only commonly hang in " D " on, can be at ease start off. The automatic transmission of the car can the circumstance according to rotate speed and accelerator automatically from 1 block rise 4 block. However, at present almost all cars that block automatically are set " limitation is blocked " , namely " 1 " , " 2 " , " 3 " , " 4 " etc a few block, its function is the shift gears opportunity that limits automatic transmission case, in order to achieve the goal that engine rotate speed promotes continuously, be helpful for engine power and torque

output. If be hanged " 3 " , highest and OK rise automatically 3 block; Hang " 2 " , OK and highest litre to 2 block; If be hanged to " 1 " mean transmission to be able to be in only 1 block the job.

Use " limitation is blocked " special function, can give a person with driving the hand changes the similar perception that blocks a car, the dynamical sex of the car more behave easily. If be quickened in need (be like overtake) uphill perhaps when, will " D " block changeover to be " 3 " block, can make block a car automatically to exist generally " accelerator lag " feeling be able to improve apparently. Declivous when, because the gravity of car oneself is driven, the car can run faster more. If be hanged in D to block, and light step on the gas, gear-box can rise automatically supreme block, such speed are met faster and faster. If you do not want to have such result, can consider to be hanged in so " 3 " block or " 2 " block.

Of experience talk -- , it is as OK as province oil to go to the lavatory be satisfactory to both sides

Gu Jun (car sale, 10 drive for years age) : Driving to be discharged automatically in the city is first selection absolutely, not only relaxed, also not likely excessive consumption of fuel and oil. If can oneself try to use hand push to block, the reaction of the car may discharge a car than the hand even fast.
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