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Overtake asks a look before you leap
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The preparation before overtake works

Although overtake is a kind of common traffic phenomenon, also be common occurrence to the driver, but no matter be old driver or novice, must want to had made all sorts of preparation before overtake, must have certainly dye-in-the-wood the ability after holding steps on next accelerator, what cannot ten million have fluky psychology, otherwise consequence is unimaginable.

The driver drives start off, overtake current affairs takes care all the more surely, had done work of the following preparation:

Above all, the road when affirmatory overtake besides whether to allow overtake with road transportation condition.

Next, should understand him place adequately to drive the model of motor vehicle, function and car besides, such is in when overtake ability is accurate without by accident judgement whether can fast, surely overtake. To the car of different model and function, the operation skill when normal overtake also differs somewhat. Accomplish know fairly well only, ability when anything crops up not confused.

Finally, want to estimate the distance when overtake and rate correctly. Test result makes clear, a speed per hour should exceed a speed per hour to be the car of 80 kilometers for the car of 100 kilometers, need 350 meters overtake space at least. If want to ensure,bring complete overtake other cars on the road, still need to ensure the ken of 2 times is apart from in overtake inside (700 meters) without other vehicle. In addition, the driver judges the other side even correctly to sail come the speed of car, decisive and decision-making whether the car before surmounting, must be in have overtake of the ability below the circumstance that holds 100 percent. Otherwise, be sure is the disastrous effect that the car destroys a person to die.

The note when overtake

In different a section of a highway, different way besides overtake, need drives differently method. If the driver masters every detail in bad overtake process, with respect to meeting occurrence problem, can affect driving safety even, so every driver must have mastered correct overtake skill, accomplish no risk at all.

1. Should pass above all mix inside the car the rearview mirror outside the car observes overtake has on the road seriously without follow-up car, whether does the car before noticing at the same time also have the intention of overtake, after affirming safety ability undertakes overtake. Must not surmount forcibly the car of overtake, cause traffic accident extremely easily otherwise.

2. Left-hand rotation Xiang Deng should leave first when overtake and cry horn signal, in nightly overtake or prohibit crying when horn area overtake, should alternate ceaselessly signal of far, dipped headlight, after the car before waiting has those who let exceed to express, the leftward shift of forward car has ability surmount.

3. After issueing overtake signal, do not be eager to changing lane, and before answering to observe again, hind the circumstance of the car, and with before, hind the distance that the car maintains enough (it is 70 meters commonly) , make the same score quietly roll steering wheel next, sail with contrail of bigger drive a vehicle Xiang Chao driveway finishs overtake quickly.
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