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Tortuous path drives doohickey has 3 kinds
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Bend, by its road circumstance can be divided to calm way turns and fluctuate slope turns. The car should adopt curved method smoothly, be about to had handled two issues: It is to choose car travel route reasonably, in order to make sure travel is smooth; 2 it is to choose as far as possible bigger turn radius, control good driving speed reasonably, make centrifugal force falls the smallest.

 car is when calm way travel, because road resistance is little, increase travelling speed more easily, the centrifugal power with meeting greater generation turns when traversal speed is higher, take a sudden turn can produce greater centrifugal power, can affect the ride comfort of the car not only so, serious when can cause accident of to turn over. Because this correct operation should be a basis,speed, turn curvature radius, loosen before entering curved talk cheer footplate, make the car falls smoothly fast travel. If the line of sight is undesirable, radius of tortuous path curvature is lesser, the side outside wanting those who make car relies on driveway moves, namely the car when right-hand bend is close to travel of road center line. If bend the line of sight to be clear about, do not have fraise again, adopt " cut a turn " travel, decrease change direction dish rotational quantity, reduce centrifugal force thereby.

 bends drive a vehicle roughly the rule induces as follows, can offer broadDriveMember the friend draws lessons from: In accurate control the premise of speed falls, become when the line of vision is not clear, left-hand bend leans as far as possible right, in order to enlarge eye shot of drive a vehicle. Be clear about when the line of sight trouble-free when content, can cut curved travel. When the line of sight not clear, right-hand bend relies on central line travel, in order to enlarge eye shot of drive a vehicle. Should go up when brow, right-hand bend must rely on right travel, in order to ensure drive a vehicle is safe.

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