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Buy means of two handcart static state to be able to make observation from 4 muc
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Two handcart small classroom

If consumer already if business of the two handcart between direct Xiang Fang buys make choice of, there still is a course before see a car actually must be done first, that asks about an inquiry to be able to go to where home first namely two handcart business is bought, because this may become you to whether can buy the key of a good two handcart, also can affect even whole trade the service quality of the process, and whether avoid in the future the happening of deal issue.

How to examine as to this car condition, with static means its can distinguish roughly mainly for automobile body exterior, car room of indoor outfit, engine reachs chassis suspension this 4 parts.

The exterior

As long as it is two handcart, on automobile body exterior hard to avoid can happen small brush bump and leave a mark, if must pass Ban gold and process of the paint that bake a bit badlier restorable, although use former plant,nevertheless identical and tonal lacquer expects, but the predestined relationship that because time is wrong,still meets arises so " off color " phenomenon, because this watchs automobile body whole vehicle to bake the color of lacquer, see which part and whole vehicle color abhorrent, can know which part once had produced collision generally namely. See the juncture between gold of Ban of whole vehicle automobile body and Ban Jin Zhi namely moreover, have without the place with particularly great gap, if have some place,its clearance exceeds certain standard error besides, that this place most is to had changed Ban, also express to once had produced collision, can be informed this car to be in namely so apparent car besides after all good.

Automobile body

In automobile body part, but column of postmortem A, B, C and roof are outspread the arc that whether shows nature to the line that the door pits, and the plane that the door pits and broken line are flat. In addition, door and leaf board the clearance between two side are consistent, if have,pass at the same time big, state this door ever had been bumped; Moreover, examine whether does the hinge place inside door have unusually novel appearance, also can judge door to whether be bumped had changed. Can check door switch movement finally, whether have abnormal knocking or switch is not smooth.

Car rear is divided, the brim that should check boot to build is flat, and join closely with what control leaf board clearance degree same, additional with hind the joint of bumper is in whether level off; Next, the leaf after postmortem board inside and the mark that whether joint place has automobile body to burn-in afresh, still have boot motherboard whether level off and have the mark that does not have spot welding; Turn over boot motherboard postmortem to whether have the mark of seeper finally.

Car head

With car head part character, the line that can check engine to build the brim is flat, predestined relationship place feels whether suitable inside slippery. Come again the leaf before postmortem board inside whether does the predestined relationship have the mark that burn-ins afresh with cistern wearing joint, if have,express car head to had been bumped. Moreover, examine before fire-wall " engine room clapboard " upper edge is flat, because be like injury and here, also state car ever was bumped badly. In addition, the joint that examines engine lid and headlight batch is in whether level off, and whether the clearance of engine lid and windshield agrees or stay have spray paint mark, will decide whether did this car once happen to bump and had rebuilt in car head part.
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