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How should you choose careful calculation and strict budgeting the first oneself
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Car price is lower and lower, income is higher and higher, more and more people are facing the problem that buys a car for the first time. So how should you choose the first your vehicle?

One pace reachs the designated position

Suit a crowd: Have certain economic base, the person of road-sense adroitness

Car unlike dress, go off when you it when not be to say to change what can change, so if you are capable, the model that still chooses to make oneself enough and satisfactory as far as possible had better. Nevertheless, suffer to do not allow oneself new car needless " devastate " , best can have drilled oneself road-sense first, do not take oneself new car experienced hand.

To average comparatively well-off household, 150 thousand yuan of family expenses cars of the left and right sides are right choice, for instance fast vacate, Ming Rui, Kaluola, think of the model such as region to suit a family to use very much.

Pattern of a flight of stairs is ongoing

Suit a crowd: The person with economic finite actual strength

Clad take appetite property, although the instalment, program that loan buys a car is very much now, some conditions are very inviting also, but if to oneself economic condition of future does not have enough anticipation,still be the mode that does not suggest to choose this kind of lead to consume so, best practice is the route that chooses circuitous advancement, preemptive an inexpensive car had better, e.g. strange luck QQ, the rate keeping a cost of its two handcart is very tall, once oneself actual strength is abundant,rise, can trade new car at any time.

Besides QQ, run quickly go straight towards such small litter besides, in the 5 prices to 70 thousand yuan interval loves the sort of returning to a lot of models can offer an alternative, for instance banner cloud, F3, Li Fan 520 etc, they suit introductory car very much advocate choose and buy.

With old car excessive

Suit a crowd: The person with driver's license not close road-sense is taken first

The person that the driver's license takes first often can compare excitement, the desire that buys a car is very strong also, but should notice, take what driver's license and start off adroitness drive or have certain space, when the novice drives appear very easily cut loiter, knock against, allow new car " get hurt " . Because this buys a car to be able to choose first preemptive a cheap two handcart, had drilled oneself road-sense. Also perhaps can hire a car to open on two months first, join business so the trouble of two handcart leave out.

The choice is very much if buying two handcart, nimble is amounted to, Fu Kang model of such in a popular style is very appropriate.

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