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Buy two handcart to prevent cheat knowledge
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1, the materialistic consciousness that should establish the sky to won't drop pasty, covet petty gain is duped very easily, because cheater does not have a car at all, his cost is 0, so very cheap, must raise vigilance to very inexpensive car. Most probably new Ao Di sells 20 thousand affirmation is cheater.

2, do not believe the family can send a car to come, two handcart follow new car different, the situation of every car is different, if did not see a car,you are about to buy, don't you feel cursory? At the same time this gave cheater the chance again, you should send a car to have to pay imprest, it is easy to pay imprest you be cheated.

(the article comes from: Www.1775.cn of net of 1775 two handcart is reprinted, cite ask give chapter and verse for)

3, the imprest that does not pay any forms, cheater is to call you to pay one fraction cash first, be like 2000 yuan, the nose that pulling you next asks to pay more cash, circulate so, already felt to be duped not to agree to pay oneself till you till, be cheated the person of one billion two hundred thousand, his money does not give cheater, divide however second by cheater one pace is cheated.

4, if you do not have actual strength to go,the spot sees a car, do not cross province city to buy a car please, should notice Guangdong, Fujian particularly the car source of 2 places, must scrupulous.

5, to covering card car, cannot the car of change the name of owner in a register must careful, this kind of car poses issue very easily.

6, advocate this locality to trade, do not cross an area to trade easily.

7, understanding is divided before trading car condition, outside affirming car is lawful, had better confirm the true identity of the other side, leave the connection means of the other side.

8, did not see car, inaccuracy knows car state, do not pay the other side the fee such as any information cost, poundage.

9, Two handcart nets of 1775 ChinaWww.1775.cn

Information of OK and online inquiry releases mobile phone address of the person, IP address, certain information releases the person's address. Car seat wants special caution with what mobile phone address, IP address nots agree with.

(the article comes from: Www.1775.cn of net of 1775 two handcart is reprinted, cite ask give chapter and verse for)

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