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Had done 8 things to give love car comfortable Guo Qiudong
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Automobile body maintains

The sunshine of summer is intense, air temperature on the high side, the car insolates for long below sunshine, automobile body and lacquer face can be harmed. The acidity material in rainwater also can is opposite the lacquer face of the car causes harm, if be handled not in time, as time passes, face of automobile body lacquer can lose luster. Accordingly, enter autumn, the first pace that maintain undertakes polishing wax to automobile body namely, the car that it is love is reductive and brand-new, bright beautiful outside.

Bacterium is eliminated inside the car

The summer is broiling, car advocate open air conditioning commonly, the bacterium that air conditioning place produces can be inside railroad car gather and cause mould, cannot eduction, the chemical part that the chemical stuff place of a few interior trim inside together with car volatilizes is distributed inside narrow car, created a vehicle thereby indoor airy pollution. Accordingly, when the car is undertaking autumn maintains, best can unripe to all defending blind angle undertakes sweeping, undertake bacterium is handled dividing. Use major cleans an agent to cooperate the bilge on interior trim of eliminate of machine of sauna of high temperature interior trim and peculiar smell, can exterminate a bacterium effectively.

Check air conditioning

Autumn uses car air conditioning, had better use the circulatory system inside the car, can prevent the air inlet of air conditioning of be involved in of autumn fallen leaves so, the effect that makes air conditioning short of good. Try warm wind ahead of schedule, as a result of,be long need not central heating, the circular water in causing warm wind hose does not flow for a long time, condense jammed circular pipeline, still do not have activity after opening period of time, be about to be overhauled to service station.

Check engine passenger compartment

The oil in engine passenger compartment includes oil of brake oil, the pump that help strength, gear-box oil to wait. Want here special the car that reminds the frequency that use a car rate is inferior advocate, should check each oil regularly according to using the length of car time kind degenerative, so that undertake,change in time. In the meantime, also should check cistern water, rain to blow the water, water such as antifreeze kind, deteriorate in case.

Clean cistern condensation net

The summer is burning hot and much torrential rain, not only the use frequency of air conditioning increases, the impurity such as the dirt with a lot of wettish at the same time belts and batt, leaf also can build up to go up in cistern condensation net. This meeting produces an effect to two respects: It is to cause a bacterium easily; 2 be influence cistern and condenser medicinal powder hot function. Want to remove these effects, the proposal maintains to the car maintenance shop looks for professional to undertake cleaning. Want the bacterium inside complete eliminate car and peculiar smell, had better be to change the air conditioning strain inside the car is new implement.
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