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May not love a car is washed more frequently cleaner " appearance " easy gaunt
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Live in smooth continent Mr Chen lives in the village, everyday sun broil is baked below, let 焗 sauna is like inside railroad car general, then Mr Chen is received with respect to proper motion of doorway is in the home on faucet, shower bath has to car after insolating every time.

Occasionally a week drenchs 34 times for car. After period of time, car of Mr Chen disclosure is washed more however more not shining.

The reporter visits understanding of each cart travel, many cars when weather is torrid advocate like to drop in temperature to railroad car with water, achieve with maintaining automobile body to be mixed completely those who drop in temperature is current, especially a few new cars advocate caress to new car excessive, bring about the phenomenon with new car blank appearance to happen from time to tome.

The personnel after male peak day produces concerned carry out introduces, wash a car to also must choose equal opportunity, through the car that the sun insolates, car plate and lacquer face be heated can expand. And washing a car right now, heat up one cold meeting to make lacquer face fragile change, craze, appear then colour burnish pales. In addition, old hot days washs a car to because of,still be met the rudimental seeper of automobile body, in the sun insolate below, form convex, make automobile body local high temperature, and bring about lacquer face to lose luster. Accordingly, with shower means the meeting that wash a car is damaged to car very big, after car of chief commander of a few cars drenchs, drive quickly start off, bring about automobile body very easily " appearance is blank " .

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